Case study: Integrating secure video communication in telemedicine

Johannesburg, 30 Jun 2020
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The world of medicine has changed. Doctors and patients are no longer confined to waiting rooms in hospitals and clinics. Today, patients expect to find support and assistance no matter where they are, almost at the touch of a button. The telehealth industry has not only seen a surge in the last couple of years, but it has also revolutionised the traditional doctor-patient relationship.

Currently, both customers and providers in the healthcare industry are embracing telehealth platforms for their security and their accessibility. In 2017, 76% of American hospitals were connecting with patients and other practitioners using video or some other way of telehealth. This has made it necessary to integrate secure video communication in telemedicine.

In the world of medicine, technological advances drive the industry. Improving patient care while also enabling more effective and faster modes of communication can save lives.

Nowadays, the rise of telehealth medicine using video streaming and cloud-based services has enabled this kind of connectivity; 61.2% of hospitals in the USA use video communication or other forms of telehealth for permanent patient care.

Unfortunately, 23% of patients say they have no access to virtual care supported technology; 31% of healthcare workers say their workplace is not equipped or well prepared to offer a virtual care solution.

Vidyo and IDSolutions deploy cloud-based solutions to offer secure video communication in telemedicine.

Thanks to Vidyo’s video platform for telemedicine, IDSolutions managed to deploy over 100 connections with a faster deployment time and minimal need for local IT assistance. This is a vital component of this success story during the coronavirus outbreak.

Therefore, thanks to this association, IDSolutions could expedite the connection and give support to its clients, creating secure video communication in telemedicine almost instantly. Luthy praises Vidyo’s responsiveness, helping them quickly escalate their service.

“With IDSolutions' full-service telehealth offering and Vidyo’s video connectivity platform and infrastructure, both organisations developed a different way to care that was effective and quick.” Normally, this is a process that requires days and it was carried out in a matter of hours.

Nicholas Luthy, vice-president of Product and Marketing, IDSolutions.

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