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Maredi Technologies offers: Cyber security a powerful vehicle for mitigating security risk

Johannesburg, 18 Aug 2020
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The COVID-19 pandemic has created an immense humanitarian crisis that has also severely affected business. The protracted disruption of this pandemic has made it difficult for businesses to maintain security and business continuity.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced level two on 16 August 2020; this further exacerbated the compounded complexities that businesses have to navigate. The primary questions that businesses are concerned with are (i) what are the implications of this new level on our current reality; (ii) how will all the changes that arise evolve over the coming months; but most importantly (iii) how do we need to prepare for them? Business leaders have to find the answers to these three questions while simultaneously ensuring that their organisation remains resilient. However, for business to remain resilient, it also has to understand and know how to mitigate the risks and negative impacts of cyber threats.

The need for cyber security because of the risks created by cyber threats is the great challenge for business. In this new normal, where technological advancement and innovation is the order of the day, the critical issue is how to apply these sustainable changes to the existing security and how to prepare for an unfolding and uncertain future. The extent to which a business can answer these two issues is the extent to which it will be able to embrace and capitalise on the technological opportunities that arise from the COVID landscapes and beyond.

Maredi Technologies provides security solutions for businesses that not only address these two above issues of applications and preparation, but also assist in reducing security risks. Security as service, or SECaas, is Paladion’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution that combines the cost-efficiency and off-site benefits of security as a service with AI technology and software to anticipate, monitor, manage and eradicate threats. Paladion MDR allows the provider to manage security services such as authentication, intrusion detection, anti-virus and malware management, and many others.

Moreover, the benefit of Paladion MDR is that online businesses can find the protection needed without having to purchase the tools. This means that when a threat has been identified, the experts will perform threat hunting, auto containment and response orchestration services to eliminate these threats from a network. MDR is an advanced managed security service that combines the benefits of SECaas with the advanced security protection necessary to secure a network. Paladion MDR also provides threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis and incident response and deeper detection compared to traditional MSSPs.

Paladion MDR will allow your business to tackle security challenges and risks of a COVID-19 reality, and our security solutions will help your businesses to fully embrace all the technological opportunities that exist in this new landscape.

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