Digital security access solution from Altron Bytes Managed Solutions redefines enterprise security

Johannesburg, 11 Oct 2018
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Altron Bytes Managed Solutions (Altron BMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of JSE-listed technology company Altron, has partnered with Nasdaq listed MicroStrategy to provide a digital security access solution that addresses enterprise security threats. MicroStrategy is a worldwide leader in enterprise analytics and mobile software.

"With technology accelerating the speed of change everywhere, we are on the brink of a massive shift in enterprise security and authentication. At Altron BMS, we have the right technology solutions to enable customers to tackle this challenge," said Chad Baker, Managing Director, Altron BMS.

"The threats to information security are real. It's more important than ever for organisations to make information security a top priority, and this becomes even more pressing as business people increasingly embrace mobile and wearable devices in their work lives."

The digital identity solution, Usher, is unique to the South African market, replacing traditional forms of security with mobile identity badges. An Usher badge can serve as a singular access method across all enterprise systems and entryways, one badge for both logical and physical access.

By issuing an Usher badge to a user's smartphone, employees can open doors, unlock workstations, log into applications and Web sites, scan QR and bar codes, record locations, find other users, and more. "Usher helps enterprises to address some of the biggest challenges they face today, such as protecting against cyber threats, increasing efficiency, and delivering more value to customers," said Michael J Saylor, CEO, MicroStrategy.

Users can also be issued with multiple badges to accommodate different roles or access levels, giving organisations flexibility and control. These interactions generate powerful identity intelligence that can be used to improve security, optimise assets, deliver context-based information, and provide a personalised and convenient user experience.

The solution allows for seamless communication, activity monitoring, and employee management. The data generated by the digital badges can be used to develop sophisticated reports and visual analyses of the organisation's access and authorisation movements. The identity intelligence derived from the back-end data provides insights into user behaviour and resource usage as well as into how security systems can be adapted to run more effectively.

"Forming part of the overarching Altron BMS digital transformation journey and closely aligned to our business growth strategy, this digitally intelligent system will be marketed, sold, installed and supported by the company," added Baker.

Allied Electronics Corporation

Allied Electronics Corporation (Altron) is a holding company domiciled in South Africa and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Altron is invested in the ICT sector. It has ICT offerings in managed services, IT and business process outsourcing, security services, narrowband and broadband communication services, fleet management and telematics, secure transaction services, systems integration and IT infrastructure. Altron has a direct presence in Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom and selected African countries. The Altron Group employs more than 8 500 employees globally.


MicroStrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) is a worldwide leader in enterprise analytics and mobility software. A pioneer in the BI and analytics space, MicroStrategy delivers innovative software that empowers people to make better decisions and transform the way they do business. It provides its enterprise customers with world-class software and expert services so they can deploy unique intelligence applications. To learn more, visit MicroStrategy online, and follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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