Inside Dimension Data’s Client Experience Centre

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Once a client has decided to participate in the interactive experience offered at the Dimension Data Client Experience Centre, they will be able to access the agenda information via an app, catering specifically to their needs.

So said Albi van Zyl, chief marketing executive at Dimension Data, speaking about one of the offerings the new centre will provide to the company’s clientele.

This week, Dimension Data officially opened its Client Experience Centre in the Newlands building at The Campus office node in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Through this centre, Dimension Data wants to offer clients a customised experience, involving subject matter experts. These clients, according to the company, will include C-level executives, decision-makers and influencers from all industries.

Further, it will aim to serve as a space for relationship-building, contribution to business results and client insights that might inform future strategies and solutions.

“The purpose of this centre is around conversations with thought-leaders, specialists and the people that really understand how to solve business challenges together and co-create. We hope this facility will enable that and for us to do this together with our partners and our clients every day,” noted Van Zyl.

The facility, which was prior largely meeting rooms, has been transformed into a client executive briefing centre. It is made up of four different rooms – two are described as formal spaces for both a large or small group of clients. The other two have been dubbed “agile rooms”, also for a large or small group.

Van Zyl added: “All of these rooms have full video conferencing facilities. For those clients that cannot have their entire teams here at The Campus, they will also be able to participate fully.

“We hope to extend this facility to our clients in Dubai, Nairobi, Cape Town, KwaZulu-Natal and Port Elizabeth. All of those clients must be able to engage with us here.”

According to Van Zyl, the client has a choice to participate in a full-day, half-day or two-day programme offered at the centre.

“All the programmes will be customised around the requirements and challenges they are trying to solve.

“We’ve built the programmes and agendas around client needs. They get a personalised experience…via a mobile app. Typically, a client will have a full one-day or two-day agenda that will enable them to rate their speakers, make some notes around each of those sessions and also be able to access the content from the various sessions. 

The facility has an experience wall showcasing some of Dimension Data’s case studies that clients can find out more about while they are there. These include case studies for the emergency services, Royal Swazi Sugar, conservation and the Tour de France.

“Dimension Data is very proud of the Client Experience Centre. The centre exists for the purpose of deepening our engagement with our clients in order to enable today and co-create tomorrow with them,” said CEO Grant Bodley in a statement.

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