DOC names DG

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Communications minister Roy Padayachie has named Maboko Rosey Sekese as director-general of the Department of Communications (DOC).

Her appointment is effective from 1 June for a period of five years. Sekese has been working at the department as deputy DG of ICT infrastructure development since 2006.

She is responsible for five chief directorates, which are 2010 telecommunications and broadcasting, information technology, radio and satellite communications, ICT infrastructure and applications, and ICT security.

The DOC says Sekese possesses the relevant qualifications, skills, capabilities and experience required for the position.

“One of her key highlights was the delivery of the Fifa 2010 World Cup information and communications technology guarantees where she was the champion of the project, providing strategic leadership, and programme management.”

Sekese has a technical engineering background, having worked for Denel as a group manager for IT and as a senior engineer at Telkom, where she was responsible for the planning of public IP and ATM networks.

Best brain

The minister is satisfied that a rigorous evaluation process was followed in the appointment of Sekese as the DG.

The department previously said the delay in making the DG appointment was because it needed to find the “best brains in the market”.

It had planned to have the position filled by the end of March, and when that did not occur, by the end of April.

DOC spokesperson Tiyani Rikhotso previously said it was quite an involved process. He noted it takes quite some time to fill such a top-level position, because it needs to be a highly skilled individual.

The DOC is dealing with major projects like the digital migration process, and needs to get someone who possesses the right skills to deal with these initiatives.

“It's just a matter of making sure we get the best brains in the market. We need to make sure we get the best head of department to serve government and industry,” says the spokesperson.

The previous DG, Mamodupi Mohlala, was fired by former minister Siphiwe Nyanda.

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