Linx launches low-code plugin for Google Sheets, Google Drive

Johannesburg, 13 Feb 2020
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Linx has added another string to its bow with the launch of its new plugin for Google Spreadsheets (GS) and Google Drive (GD). IT professionals will now be able to use this popular low-code development tool to build backend apps and navigate Google’s popular products significantly faster than hand coding. 

Anthony Morris, Head of Marketing for Linx, gives a little insight into this nimble tool: “Linx is a low-code tool that uses free form integration with design-to-host automation for greater flexibility and creativity when you want to customise your business processes. It’s not a platform for your business, but rather a fast and flexible way to add custom functionality to your existing systems. Simply put, if you are doing custom backend development, Linx is more powerful than simple tools such as Zapier and less expensive, but equally adept as most enterprise tools on the market.”

Building and maintaining back-end applications can be a complex, time-consuming and expensive process. Time is often spent finding and selecting the right tools, writing boiler-plate code, wrestling with the latest framework, figuring out new APIs, and trying to understand other people’s or sometimes even your own code.

“By providing high-level functions as part of the Linx plugin architecture you can reduce tens or hundreds of lines of code to a single visual function with properties that guide the developer to success. Linx does this by enabling the rapid development and deployment of back-end applications like APIs, integrations and automations. Developers design and debug solutions in a familiar procedural style using a drag-and-drop interface with access to thousands of readymade functions. Solutions are deployed with one click to servers running in the cloud or on the premises,” explains Morris. 

One of the best things about Linx is the plugin handles all the intricate details involved in working with Google APl, including feature-rich data integration between these properties and virtually any other database or system. Other key features of the plugin include the creation of codeless processes for custom data migration, the easy exposure of RESTful Web services that perform custom actions or trigger packaged solutions, quick access to Google Sheets where you can read, write and update files or folders as part of the automated processes. You can also rapidly build Web, desktop and mobile applications that interact with live data in Sheets or Google Drive.

Linx is a simple to use, easy to integrate low-code tool that can be customised to almost any business. It has been specially designed with the intention of helping developers and IT pros to spend less time developing and maintaining code so they can spend more time on important things in other areas of the business.

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