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Johannesburg, 07 Apr 2021
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Digital communications are now a crucial lifeline for most businesses after their customers were forced to stay home during the strict lockdowns that came into effect in South Africa over the last year. According to research analysis by HubSpot, marketers sent 21% more e-mails compared with its pre-COVID benchmark.

At the same time, businesses have had to trim their budgets to accommodate the economic contractions brought on by the global pandemic. Unfortunately, branding operations are often one of the first areas to be throttled financially. This presents a unique challenge for marketing and sales teams to continue to attract valuable leads through digital communications while operating on a restricted budget.

A low-cost, high-value branding solution

At SYNAQ, we’re constantly innovating to help our customers solve their business challenges. And our e-mail branding solution rises to the occasion to help you take advantage of the increase in digital communications without driving up costs.

SYNAQ Branding empowers marketing managers to transform daily business e-mail into an effective marketing medium with our solution delivered as an integrated and secure cloud service with 24/7 local support. SYNAQ Branding embeds linkable promotion banner images to all outbound e-mails to drive awareness and traffic to Web sites or promotional landing pages. We also remove the guesswork from your marketing efforts with real-time reporting.

Our solution provides consistent company-wide signatures with customised styles, layout and inclusion or exclusion of signature fields on an e-mail address level. The signature manager ensures that the corporate e-mail disclaimer is set and attached to all your e-mails to ensure legal compliance. You can easily create, manage and report from a single location with our online dashboard. Campaigns consist of single or multiple banner images that can be set up in advance with a start and end date or they can be created on the fly without an end date.

SYNAQ Branding marketing benefits

  • Grow brand uniformity with a consistent corporate identity and company-wide e-mail signatures and disclaimers.
  • Extend your brand beyond your company reach and create new opportunities with each outbound e-mail.
  • Drive Web site traffic with clickable banners embedded in every e-mail that leaves your business.
  • Marketing staff can better plan and manage customer and prospect communication with scheduled campaigns.
  • Improve target audience communication to ensure that individual campaigns are created and triggered for specific recipient domains.
  • Use the dashboard reports to build meaningful marketing with campaign analysis, delivery and performance reports.

Take advantage of SYNAQ Branding to empower your marketing team. Get in touch with our branding specialists here.

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