Guarantee the success of your agents working remotely with Smart Staff Optimization (SSO)

Johannesburg, 21 Jul 2020
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Due to the situation created by COVID-19, contact centre companies have had to adapt their business model and their services. This situation made many companies adopt remote working in record time for their daily tasks. That is how contact centres have been transformed. They have gone from “panicking” to adapting their activities to remote working, thanks to technology, taking the office to the agent’s home.

Currently, we are going through a phase in which certain operations are returning to platforms. But we see and understand clearly that remote working is possible. And this, remote working, poses as an important way to reduce costs while increasing benefits.

For that reason, remote working has become the perfect ally for contact centres, more so in times of crisis, when what really matters is to continue operating as always regardless of the location.

Still, although this working style presents an opportunity, operation management processes need special attention. Aspects like a lack of monitoring, absence of control and service quality, or even the decrease in an agent’s motivation. Taking all these into account, and to face all the challenges that remote working poses for contact centres, we are going to show you what Smart Staff Optimization (SSO) is and how to secure the success of your remote agents with this strategy

Smart Staff Optimization (SSO)

The success of a remote operation relies on two important aspects. Having adequate technology, and controlling correctly daily operations. Some clients have told us about them operating remotely, yet they do not know or are not sure of how to tackle the challenges that arise when carrying out their activities. Challenges such as:

  • The lack of supervision and monitoring of agents.
  • The absence of commitment and motivation of employees.
  • Difficulty to evaluate the quality of their work.
  • Communication is less fluid, as there is no face-to-face interaction.

That is why Smart Staff Optimization was born. It is a tool package created to deal adequately with the challenges of a contact centre operating remotely. This strategy opens a window of opportunities to be effective and succeed in working remotely in a contact centre.

But which tool should I use to remotely manage the entire operation? There are five tools that will improve the success of your agents working remotely.

Workforce management

Until today, it is generally believed that there is a connection between workers' productivity and the physical location of their supervisor. However, implementing the right tool can deliver the highest level of working remotely.

Workforce management is a tool that allows monitoring and tracking of day-to-day activities. It provides all that is needed to effectively manage the staff, forecast demand, automatically create chronograms, develop precise and insightful reports and improve the overall customer service.

With this tool, you can achieve dimensioning, forecast and resource allocation in real-time. You can know who is available and which are the person’s skills, leveraging resources and demand, as well as reducing absenteeism.

In short, it is about providing the contact centre with the tools to meet the demand for services according to the incoming traffic on any channel. Appropriate dimensioning guarantees the achievement of all operation KPIs.

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Business intelligence

Business Intelligence tools in a contact centre help make decisions based on data and information from clients to align well with the business.

Even now, when remote working, this solution allows you to visualise and share data dynamically and in real-time, regardless of where the daily activities are taking place or which device is being used.

BI tools provide consolidated data and unified information. They give the power of knowledge, with precise and valuable information regarding customer journey and experience. All this to help transform information into knowledge for better decision-making.

The same way, it improves efficiency and productivity in contact strategies or customer service. It is possible to provide dashboards linked to the new reality, and therefore, allow better identification of the root cause of interaction and focus on the client and his or her experience.

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Quality management systems

Measuring quality is fundamental in the contact centre business, and even more so for those working remotely. Quality management systems continuously evaluate interactions between agents and clients with the goal of giving feedback and obtaining insights for service improvement.

This tool offers features such as multi-channel recording (voice and data), multiple screen recording, speech analytics and speech to text. Quality Management Suite allows supervisors to monitor agents in real-time, without disturbing them.

This tool allows the detection of an agent’s shortcomings and therefore, the possibility to offer the agent personalised training in that which needs strengthening. Regular feedback through quality supervising is provided, while agents receive training to increase their motivation and retention.

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Keeping your agents motivated and committed is of prime importance in this current situation. And here is where gamification plays an important role in contact centres.

Gamification is one of the strongest tools that can be used in a contact centre in order to train agents efficiently and increase their level of commitment to the organisation.

Implementing a gamification tool in a contact centre favours skills acquisition and build capacities.

Equally important, thanks to this tool, it is possible to objectively measure competencies to motivate agents to perform their tasks better, and thus fine-tune their skills.

In other words, gamification enables:

  • Motivation of agents through steady progress and goal achievement;
  • Recognition of performance excellence and incentive participation;
  • Generation of friendly competition between colleagues;
  • New skills acquisition.

To recapitulate, with a gamification tool, it is possible to generate emotions tied to positive experiences for the agents. It also helps the learning process by rewarding their effort and it stimulates productivity.

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Having the right tools for video collaboration when working remotely enables better management and execution of everyday tasks, as well as simplifying organisational processes.

One simply cannot refute the power of video communication with agents. Among its benefits are:

  • Direct communication and face-to-face interaction, which is more effective compared to other channels;
  • Reduction of the sense of isolation or uncertainty between agents and the supervisor;
  • More agile communication;
  • Time optimisation; and
  • Higher productivity.

With this tool, it is possible to create more direct, efficient and faster connections. Those involved in the video conference can read the other person’s body language and better comprehend their expressions. This way, communication is made easier and it builds trust among the agents and with the supervisor.

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Without a doubt, digital transformation has changed drastically. For instance, six in 10 Spanish companies plan a digital transformation for the entirety of their company.

This situation becomes a valuable opportunity for contact centre companies. This is the possibility to decentralise operations, onboard multi-language qualified professionals from anywhere in the world and motivate the agents’ performance.

Working remotely can be as efficient as working at your business facilities. To achieve this, you just need to count on having the right tools.

Implementing this specific tool package, Smart Staff Optimization (SSO) will allow you to correctly manage the contact centre when working remotely – facilitating operation monitoring, carrying out timely and continuous KPIs and follow-ups, and ensuring the quality of service delivery and motivation of the agents.

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