Spring 2022 Maximizer release delivers new Interactions tab and more

Interactions tab means all your customer communications are now in one place.

Johannesburg, 05 Aug 2022
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With the spring 2022 release of Maximizer, we have made it simpler to manage customer interactions, including all your calls, e-mails, chat, SMS and meetings by consolidating them in the new Interactions tab. Notes and documents will still be found in their respective tabs.

Important: Notes and documents will still be found in their respective tabs. However, saved e-mails will no longer be displayed in the Documents tab and will now be available in the Interactions tab.

The new Interactions feature delivers so much more:

  • Set default values, representative of shared values of fields, for interactions as well as e-mails;
  • Add default and custom interaction types from under the Interactions tab;
  • View additional interactions detail by selecting additional columns under the Interactions; and
  • New report called the Consolidated Interactions report that contains interactions associated with all users to give a complete view of the customer communications.

And there is even more in the latest release…

  • Advanced Search just got more powerful, allowing you to use Interactions as search qualifiers to look for records in the Address Book, Leads, Opportunities and Customer Service modules;
  • Additional accessibility support is available in the Address Book and the Add Hotlist Task; and
  • New capability for creating recurring appointments that occur in multiple weekday times.

For more details regarding this release, please view our comprehensive release notes or our new features guide:

Release notes

New features guide

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