Public key infrastructure as a service

Johannesburg, 08 Dec 2021
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There are really only two things that define PKI: Keys and certificates.

PKI has become critical infrastructure and what you need to ensure your data and critical systems.

PKI issues digital certificates with keys to protect sensitive data and provide unique digital identities, securing applications as well as end-to-end communications. The ability to verify gives users the confidence that the sending and receiving parties are who they say they are with integrity and or confidentiality when needed.

Setting up PKI is complex and hiring the skilled personnel needed to build, operate and maintain it 24x7 is no easy task, the responsibility typically falling to a small crypto team.

With security teams under increased pressure, a new cloud-first or as a service approach to simplify and scale PKI on demand has become a lot more attractive. As a service allows the enterprise to outsource this service with efficient and effective management, taking the burden off the small crypto team.

Certificate life cycle automation helps you to achieve end-to-end visibility and control across all your machine identities, keeping you ahead. As organisations have many different departments and machine identities, it is incredibly challenging to stay on top of all the certificate expiration dates. Staff turnaround and handover only complicate certificate management, making life cycle automation the tool to prevent outages as the expiration status is easy to manage and monitor. Automation also helps track vulnerabilities by showing key size and strength through easily accessible reports.

Certificate life cycle automation shows the entire certificate landscape, the foundation of trust, it shows which certificates are self-signed, wildcard, automated or manual, and status.

Key benefits to PKI as a service is that it maximises security and compliance while replacing legacy PKI hardware and maintenance and enabling you to automate and scale up on demand without per certificate fees, making this trusted solution affordable.

Let SmartCrypto help you with your trusted solution, whether self-managed or as a service, keeping you on top of your PKI.

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