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Accelerator seeks innovative green economy SMEs

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Business growth solutions company Fetola is making a national call for innovative green economy businesses to apply for its Circular Economy Accelerator (CEA) programme.

The CEA initiative is designed to boost the success of established small and medium enterprises (SMEs) active in the circular economy, environmental sustainability, recycling, waste reduction and related sectors.

The 18-month incubator programme seeks to provide 65 South African entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses in the circular economy with access to mentoring, support and skills development.

According to Fetola, businesses in the circular economy have the potential to create a lasting impact by reducing the millions of tonnes of waste that ends up in landfills every year, while also contributing to economic growth and job creation.

“The circular economy has an important role to play in South Africa’s economy, and it’s essential that we ensure entrepreneurs in this sector are given the support they need to thrive. Our expertise lies in supporting entrepreneurs to build businesses that last,” says Catherine Wijnberg, CEO of Fetola.

The CEA initiativeis an engaging and interactive programme tailored to meet the needs of South African start-ups and women-owned enterprises, adds the company.

During this programme, entrepreneurs can learn new skills and develop their products and service, enabling them to access growth opportunities. They will also have access to investment, funding and networking.

This will equip the entrepreneurs to grow their business and empower them to create a sustainable future in SA’s digital economy.

“The CEA is different from other incubators. It’s professional, personal and practical. The programme maximises the success of a business by harnessing the experience of skill mentors and partnerships of a peer network,” explains Wijnberg.

Entrepreneurs in the CEA will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the circular economy and gain the tech-related skills and sector knowledge to succeed as a force for good.
  • Practise sales and marketing skills to increase sales and attract new clients.
  • Build a profitable business model by identifying gaps, managing costs and process re-engineering.
  • Access new markets and attract finance by mastering investment readiness.
  • Overcome business challenges with support from experienced mentors and leadership.

Participants will be paired with an accountability partner and connected with a network of peers to learn from one another.

Applications are open until 16 February. For more information, click here.

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