Finding the right security for midsize business

Cloud-managed networks must integrate seamlessly with advanced security solutions for two-factor authentication and next-generation firewall features.
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In my last article, I discussed how companies can simplify network management and the key features to look for in a smarter network. In the final article in this series, I’ll discuss the right security for midsize businesses.

Cyber security threats are constantly evolving, and midsize businesses are highly-attractive targets.

Cloud-managed networks need to provide comprehensive security features to shield the network from attacks and intrusions, prevent unauthorised usage and integrate with best-in-class security solutions − for trusted protection at multiple points across the network.

Today’s midsize businesses need a network that ‘just works’.

Cloud-managed networks need integrated security controls and intrusion detection to help protect data and infrastructure. Wireless IPS/IDS identifies rogue APs and network attacks and allows IT staff to configure automated responses.

For access control, multi-tiered policy enforcement helps ensure only authorised users, devices and applications can access different parts of the network. Connectivity privileges can be defined for employees, guests and internet of things devices.

Cloud-managed networks should integrate seamlessly with advanced security solutions for two-factor authentication, next-generation firewall features and more, so the mid-size company can confidently protect its network from emerging threats.

It’s wise to research to see if vendors are known for WiFi security innovation and are certified in the latest WiFi security standards.

Robust access control

Cloud-managed networks have granular identity-based access control, so IT staff can ensure the right people have the right level of access. Intuitive workflows make it easy to configure permissions, responsibilities and privileges on the fly.

Built-in policy enforcement firewalls allow for the smart separation of devices and traffic, without requiring additional hardware, while web content filtering blocks unauthorised access to content and websites.

Here are some desirable multi-threat security features to should look for in vendor products:

  • Supports the latest WiFi authentication (WPA3, OWE) standards for protection against common password phishing attacks.
  • Integrated policy-based enforcement enables application layer security, prioritisation, traffic forwarding, automated segmentation and network performance policies.
  • Deep-packet inspection technology and 3 000+ application IDs provide accurate firewall and application traffic filtering without additional hardware.
  • Built-in rogue AP detection helps to lock down unwanted access, along with 24x7 security monitoring to detect and mitigate attacks.

Today’s midsize businesses need a network that ‘just works’. Deployment and management simplicity are key with limited staff.

It’s vital to have built-in intelligence that automatically maintains peak performance, so the IT team can focus on other initiatives. And robust security features for protecting the business against threats and vulnerabilities are a must.

Andre Kannemeyer

National chief technical officer (CTO) at specialist distributor Duxbury Networking.

Andre Kannemeyer is national chief technical officer (CTO) at specialist distributor Duxbury Networking.

Based in the Cape Province, he has been with the company for 20 years and has extensive experience in the IT industry, particularly within the networking space.

Kannemeyer is a passionate, entrepreneurial and tech-savvy technologist with proven technical leadership in his interactions with all Duxbury Networking customers and partners.

As national CTO, he is responsible for looking at new trends and technologies that Duxbury could bring onboard to the benefit of the company’s customers, as well as ensuring the company continues to be a leader in the networking arena.

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