Conversational AI a reality with Digitall from Blue Turtle

Partnership brings conversational AI solutions to businesses looking to accelerate customer service and better automate client responses.

Johannesburg, 12 Feb 2020
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Blue Turtle Technologies today announced it has been appointed as a strategic partner for, a globally recognised vendor delivering all-in-one enterprise ready omnichannel conversational AI solutions, that allow customers to build intelligence-driven customer experiences without code. Another strategic partnership within the company’s digital transformation portfolio, the agreement enables Blue Turtle customers to engage and transact using virtual assistants, conversational AI, and process automation.

The portfolio provides a customer with a toolkit that allows them to deliver chatbot functionality, drag and drop form builders, form-filling via natural language chat, document OCR, live-agent handover, and analytics. It also harnesses Natural language Intelligence (“NLI”) by way of a platform add-on that enables users to perform powerful queries on datasets, using natural language.

“Our clients need to provide solutions that cater for a mobile, resourceful, and demanding customer who want to be able to reach their service provider - no matter where the customer is, or what device they are using,” states Byron Wolff, Digital Product Manager at Blue Turtle. “ ensures that the responses that our clients provide are intuitive, relevant and purpose-driven, where they can create customer experiences using logical decision trees, enabled by AI, without having to rely on coders or developers to do it for them.”

Furthermore, Blue Turtle can offer packaged solutions that leverage’s chatbot and conversation flow functionality and combine it with the WhatsApp Business API from its vendor partner Infobip. Creating an end-to-end digital conversational workflow.

Additional functionality within the product stack, includes document upload, cognitive capture and OCR, as well as digital signatures and RPA for true solution versatility. Its live agent hand-over and chat management features provide a client the peace-of-mind that customers will always be serviced. Including in cases where interactions require human intervention, such as personal and sensitive conversations as well as specific cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. According to Wolff, the chatbot functionality within allows a business to interact, transact and “converse” with customers anywhere, and at any time.

Some of the main use cases for include:

  • Requesting product information, including FAQs, stock availability etc.
  • Requesting ATM, branch, store, or office locations
  • Customer remote onboarding
  • Form-filling via natural language, including e-signatures
  • Querying data sets using natural language
  • Requesting status updates on parcel deliveries
  • Scheduling meetings or consultations
  • Providing live agents, the ability to gather customer information and intents prior to engaging with them directly
  • A personal HR bot for employees to query policies, leave balances or even apply for leave
  • And so many more

“The decision to partner with Blue Turtle was an easy one, it is a well respected and established technology partner in Africa and its business model is closely aligned with our go to market strategy. Blue Turtle has identified Omni-Channel Conversational AI as a key technology to improve customer experience and reduce operational costs and the way that its teams have already started to position our solution to customers, should be used as a template for other partners who want to be successful in this industry. I am very confident that this partnership with be a profitable one and I look forward to doing great things with Blue Turtle,” says Bruce Skjolde, Sales Director at

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