Fujitsu leverages blockchain to tackle fraud, piracy of digital assets

Johannesburg, 22 Aug 2019
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News facts:

* Fujitsu customers deploying the DocumentFlow enterprise blockchain app can track and verify the legitimacy of any digital asset.

* Fujitsu’s blockchain as a service portfolio also being extended by InvoiceFlow, an application to reconcile invoices with purchase orders.

* By leveraging the immutable levels of trust within Digital Ledger Technology, Fujitsu is helping enterprises to ensure trust with stakeholders. 

Fujitsu today introduces the new fraud-busting DocumentFlow, an easy-to-use Web-based application that uses blockchain technology to track the validity of any digital file or asset, including documents, audio and video files, images and files from almost any application. DocumentFlow joins the Fujitsu Flow suite of blockchain as a service offerings, alongside InvoiceFlow, an application to guard against invoice fraud.

As businesses become smarter and more connected, they are increasingly challenged to control and manage vast amounts of accumulated data. The significant value of this digitalised data means trust is an increasingly crucial factor. Fujitsu is leveraging blockchain’s Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to help businesses establish trust, as DLT provides an immutable, permanent record that cannot be altered and provides all participants and users with proper evidence that an asset is genuine, even at bit level.

Blockchain-based notary service on all digitised assets

Fujitsu DocumentFlow drastically reduces instances of document fraud or piracy, as it can track where a digital file is manipulated, unlawfully copied or simply to check that an asset is the latest and agreed version. The technology works on any digital file type, providing a clear audit trail to validate anything from a university graduation certificate to an engineering drawing file. DocumentFlow can immediately flag and label any alterations, and help trace distribution and changes to copyrighted or protected corporate and governmental materials. DocumentFlow registers what happens to data via an immutable audit log, which also facilitates verifications and audits. Fujitsu DocumentFlow uses blockchain to provide a notary service on digitised assets, which provides indisputable visibility and traceability over each digital asset.

Frederik De Breuck, Head of Fujitsu’s Blockchain Innovation Center in Brussels, comments: “By using an immutable record combined with automated tracing, it is possible to gain immediate insights into any changes to a digital document of any kind. For example, the removal of DRM on a copyrighted media file, changing a value in a spreadsheet or a proposal, or any unauthorised changes to something like a CAD file, which could have unexpected consequences further down the line. This enables businesses to have complete confidence in any digital file – and helps stop fraudulent use, since it’s easy to see that a file has been manipulated. Just like a security seal helps reassure consumers in the grocery store that products are sealed and have not been tampered with, we are helping provide confidence for all file types in the digital world. Fujitsu is enabling people to have more confidence in the data they work with. We’re using blockchain technologies to enhance and complement existing technology solutions, providing a trusted digital signature.”

Introduced earlier this year, the Fujitsu InvoiceFlow service enables enterprises and government agencies avoid, or even eliminate, the very real issue of accidental data processing error and to tackle the growing problem of invoice fraud. Now commercially available, the service uses DLT-based technology to verify and validate the invoicing process, linking invoice and purchase order data, from the creation of an invoice to its authorisation for payment.

Fujitsu offers InvoiceFlow and DocumentFlow as on-premises solutions or as a service running on any cloud platform. They complement Fujitsu’s services designed to help customers deploy scalable, secure, business-ready blockchain and DLT solutions from consulting, development, applications, infrastructure and managed services to cloud, software and standalone solutions.

Pricing and availability

The Fujitsu InvoiceFlow and DocumentFlow as on-premises solutions or as a service running on any cloud platform are available immediately in EMEIA, with prices starting at 15 euros per user per month as entry point pricing. Customers can request an offer via their in-country sales contact or via

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Fujitsu and Blockchain:

In March 2018, Fujitsu opened a Blockchain Innovation Center in Brussels, Belgium with the aim of developing the potential of blockchain beyond financial services as a new architecture for information systems and sectors of all kinds. To do this the Center will undertake research with external partners and collaborate on specific projects to explore the technology’s potential and limitations.

The initial blockchain R&D project at the center focuses on ‘Blockchain as enabler of services in the context of Smart Cities’, and is being conducted in collaboration with Innoviris, the Brussels institute for the encouragement of scientific research and innovation.

Although the initial focus is on Smart Cities, the goal is to deliver scalable, secure, business-ready blockchain and DLT solutions in a wide variety of industries and bring Japanese research to EMEIA market. The Center symbolizes and illustrates Fujitsu’s structural commitment to blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).

Fujitsu South Africa

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Fujitsu South Africa’s approach to Solutions covering Servers, Storage and Integrated Systems offers the flexibility to tailor data center technologies to our customer’s specific requirements. We provide the benefits of secure, robust, future-proofed technologies from a single source supported by a unique, consultative approach. This ensures you get exactly what your organisation demands bringing true business value to companies.


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