White paper: Quality management as the cornerstone to customer service

Johannesburg, 26 Aug 2019
Read time 1min 00sec

Research shows many organisations use Excel to create quality assessments. It is cheap, and if you have a highly skilled resource in Excel, for some, it makes sense as opposed to investing in a quality management tool.

What could go wrong?

Human error is the most important weakness; skills are required within the business unit to build assessment sheets and produce reports for the results; there are no audit trails to monitor assessment changes and alterations to completed assessment sheets; reporting can be manipulated to produce more favourable results by; reporting lacks flexibility, as such any change from pre-defined reporting standards requires time and additional work; measurement and management of quality assessors is a difficult and manual process.

In this white paper, Enghouse Interactive, a provider of contact center software and service solutions, outlines how an effective quality management tool ensures continuous improvement in customer service and helps transform the contact center from a cost center into a growth engine.

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