Airport scores business continuity first

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Airport scores business continuity first

Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) is Asia-Pacific's first airport to be certified with BS 25999-2:2007 certification, and the world's second in business continuity management systems (BCMS), IBN Live reports.

This award was certified by the British Standard Institution (BSI). This certification was achieved after following a process lasting more than 10 months.

Speaking on this occasion, MD of BSI Group, Venkataram Arabolu, said: “Being the first international airport in Asia-Pacific and second anywhere in the world to have attained business continuity management system certification speaks about the leadership intent of [not just] providing best-in-class services to the passengers, but also [to support] the country through uninterrupted operations of the airport.”

BCMS is a management process that assesses plans and strengthens the resilience of an organisation's value chain, DNA says.

It enables companies to identify threats and provides a framework for them to build up capabilities for an effective response in case of an emergency.

The certification was awarded after BIAL followed a 10-month-long stringent process, beginning in January 2011.

Extensive risk assessments, various impact analyses, and recovery planning of its every process spread across the organisation were taken up, Deccan Herald states. The entire BCMS of the airport went through repeated internal auditing and regressive third-party audits.

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