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White paper: Taking the path of diversity, inclusion, equity, belonging

Johannesburg, 10 Jun 2022
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There’s a lot of conversation around diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging (DIEB), and many companies are mobilising to enforce these values – and some, to institute them if they didn’t exist before. This is great news, because DIEB is better for business. According to a study by Boston Consulting Group, diverse leadership yields increased innovation and improved financial performance.(1) Certainly the same can be said for inclusion, equity and belonging too.

Before we get more into DIEB, let’s define these terms – diversity includes all the ways people differ from each other, such as by age, gender, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation and/or other demographic factors; inclusion means that the voices and perspectives of all individuals are heard and accepted; equity acknowledges that people come from different backgrounds and have different needs and ensures their needs are met so they can best do their jobs; and belonging signifies that each person is free and comfortable to express their individuality without fear of backlash, bullying or threats. 

Now that we have the definitions, let’s see how DIEB operates in the workplace.

Please download our white paper to learn more.

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