FNB adds Snapplify to eBucks rewards programme

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First National Bank (FNB) customers can now purchase e-textbooks and e-learning material from edutech firm Snapplify, using eBucks from its rewards programme.

The bank announced yesterday that customers can get up to 40% off using Snapplify Book Bundle vouchers, depending on the reward level, as FNB seeks to enhance its digital solutions.

Snapplify is Africa's largest e-book aggregator and distributor, with an e-book offering of over 240 000 titles from over 250 publishers, and FNB believes the partnership will benefit clients who have increasingly become digital.

The bank says the Snapplify Book Bundle is a simple, quick and affordable way to buy e-textbooks.

"This collaboration comes at a crucial time when many of our customers and their families rely on digital solutions to access educational content. Whether it’s prescribed textbooks or supplementary study material, our customers will now have access to quality and affordable e-learning resources using eBucks,” says Johan Moolman, eBucks Rewards CEO.

According to Moolman, the partnership will also benefit and allow customers who would like to use their rewards to support students and individuals needing educational resources.

“The bank’s commitment to helping goes far beyond what we can do for our customers, but rather how customers can choose to help those who need it the most.

“We've seen how important it is to offer relevant rewards that help customers supplement their monthly budgets and manage their money better. These partnerships are aligned with our strategic approach to help customers spend and earn even more rewards using secure and convenient platforms.

“Our partner network continues to grow progressively, focusing on meeting our customers’ banking and lifestyle needs across the different spectrums. Currently, the response is impressive, with a steady eBucks spend to earn ratio of over 90%, indicating the value and impact we make on our customers’ lives every day.”

Wesley Lynch, Snapplify CEO, says: “As more and more schools and students embrace remote and blended learning, Snapplify’s ability to provide first-rate digital education tools and top-quality content is a source of pride and inspiration for our team.

“Snapplify Book Bundle is another way we’re making e-books and e-learning more accessible, and we’re excited to have FNB on board as we work to empower more students with the resources they need to succeed.”

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