New security chips for connected cars

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Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) is introducing Sm@rtSIMCX Luna1.3M, a range of security chips for the automotive industry. 

G+D) is a global se

Headquarteded in Munich, Germany, G+D develops technology that protects physical and digital payments, as well as the connectivity of people and machines.

Based on Infineon's next generation SLI37 automotive security controller, the chips offer a multifunction platform for eSIM applications, IOT and digital car key solutions.

According to G+D, the automotive industry is experiencing significant change, driven in part by the connected car.

An increasing number of vehicles are connecting to mobile networks to link to emergency service systems and enable extended features such as telematic services.

Concurrently, a driver’s need for cellular connectivity for infotainment applications is growing, and the development of autonomous driving is causing challenges, as this technology places high demands on the bandwidth of network connections.

This new product suite is specifically tailored to the challenging environmental conditions of automobiles, says Carsten Ahrens, CEO of G+D Mobile Security.

Infineon’s SLI37 automotive security controllers feature a faster CPU and larger memory, enabling several applications for the connected car. G+D's chips are based on these controllers, and enable automotive manufacturers to provide highly secure and high-performance mobile connections via eSIM technology.

They support 5G standalone networks and cover all eSIM consumer and M2M use cases. A special dual SIM dual active (DSDA) add-on enables automotive manufacturers to equip vehicles with two eSIM modules − one for using the drivers personal subscription for infotainment services and one for the services provided by the manufacturer.

The DSDA add-on includes the management of both chips remotely via one central G+D's AirOn eSIM management platform, simplifying logistical processes, he explains.

Manufacturers will now have the option to upload the correct network profiles over-the-air after the cars have been delivered to their target regions, and can comply with local legal requirements more easily, says Ahrens.

All major car manufacturers − Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Tesla, VW, Toyota, Porsche, GM, Hyundai, Honda − already have over-the-air updates for new EV models so that a vehicle’s performance and features can be continuously improved.

Sm@rtSIM CX Luna1.3M can also be used for digital car key solutions by acting as an embedded secure element – a special chip for storing encryption keys for secure communication between the vehicle, mobile devices and a dedicated backend.

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