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LearnConnect offers a Project Management learnership that creates a talent pool of potential future employees already trained in company culture through practical work experience.

Johannesburg, 10 Jan 2020
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For more than a decade, PM Connection has been at the forefront of resourcing project offices in the fintech industry. The company has a deep understanding of what professional qualities an ideal Project Manager holds and how hard it is to find these candidates to resource your business.

Experienced and competent resources in the project management field are smart and agile individuals; they adapt and change to markets and technology much faster than the average person. 

When job portals and direct recruitment became an everyday thing, they were the early adopters. They were probably on the project team that created "an app for that" and made sure the project came in on time and under budget. These individuals are highly sought-after and demand high pay brackets, based on their ability to create value for their industries.

This move made finding the best resources for PM Connection tricky. The best jobs found the best people all by themselves, bar a few late adopters. 

Fortunately, one does not become a leader in your industry by not learning a thing or two along the way, and PM Connection soon realised that self-recruitment led to massive skills gaps for its clients. Competency did not ensure culture, and experience did not guarantee success. 

Pair this realisation with the fact that fintech is fast-paced, ever-changing and a pressure cooker of demands, and you will come to understand why many young project managers opt out or burn out.

To address the evolving needs of the industry, PM Connection created a long-term and sustainable solution. As a fully accredited learnership provider (13542), LearnConnect is a solution specially crafted to clients' needs by offering a Project Management learnership, which is strongly supported by essential soft skills development. It also enables corporates to invest in the development of their existing wheelhouse and creates a talent bench of potential future employees who are already trained and inducted in the company culture by way of practical work experience.

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