Four common Active Directory and IT security mistakes made by IT admins in SA and how to solve them

These have to do with password policy, NTLM authentication, cleaning up platforms and privileged access, according to a survey by ManageEngine.

Johannesburg, 01 Aug 2019
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Ever wondered what the biggest IT security and Active Directory mistakes made by IT administrators (admins) in SA are? You will probably realise that you are not alone and that IT admins make the same mistakes as you do. But how do you make sure that you fix these mistakes and don’t have these common problems recur? IT management company ManageEngine recently conducted a survey on IT administrators in SA to find out what common mistakes are made when it comes to IT security and Active Directory.

These are the top four mistakes made in IT security and Active Directory:

1. Relying on Active Directory's (AD's) native password policy

"61% of IT admins believe their AD password policy is not enough to protect against password attacks."

2. Using NTLM authentication

"53% of IT administrators consider NTLM authentication to be unsecure, but find it difficult to track whether NTLM authentication is being used."

3. Neglecting to clean up Active Directory and other platforms

"38% of IT administrators said their AD is riddled with ghost accounts across platforms and find it challenging to clean them up."

4. Having no visibility on privileged access

"35% of the IT administrators find that employees have more privileges than the ones granted to them."

So, what’s the solution?

Take a look at the full survey results report and what ManageEngine proposes as solutions to these mistakes made by IT administrators in SA.

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