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Johannesburg, 23 Apr 2018
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Sybrin has grown considerably over the past five years, and it has invested significantly in upgrading its solution set and focusing on its delivery teams. It has subsequently modernised its business model, and is proud to be a provider of leading business digitisation solutions, in keeping with its growth strategy. In order to accelerate the level of business development within Sybrin further, it has made a few new appointments that reflect its renewed commitment to engage their customers.

Sybrin hereby announces the following new appointments:

Steve Prowse: Group Chairman

As one of the co-founders of Sybrin, Prowse has spent the last 27 years engaged in creating the Sybrin we know today. His experience and commitment to ensuring Sybrin's success has guided the company's efforts in developing a globally recognised software company. Going forward, his focus will shift to acquisitions and overseeing the development of the Sybrin Enterprise Suite.

Marius Mare: CEO of Sybrin

Mare joined Sybrin as the new Business Development Director in 2015 and, during his tenure, developed an in-depth knowledge of Sybrin, its products, and its people. In his new role as CEO, he will be instrumental in leading the strategic direction of the business. Leveraging off his past consulting experience with global organisations such as Ovations, IBM, and PWC, Mare also brings a wealth of industry experience and insight that will guide him in the achievement of Sybrin's strategic objectives.

Roland Van Hee: Director of Development Services

Van Hee has more than 15 years' experience in the software design, development, integration, and data basing fields. His extensive knowledge regarding client deployments and integration, both in South Africa and globally, gives him a unique perspective of their needs, making him the natural choice to help the Development Services Team maximise Sybrin's value for its clients.

Brandon Roberts: Director of Innovation, Marketing, and Pre-Sales

Roberts joined the Sybrin Team in 2011 as a Development Implementation Coordinator, and was involved in projects for many of Sybrin's major clients from the onset. With seven years of experience, his adaptability, quick understanding of complex concepts, and ability to keep abreast of rapidly evolving market trends make him an excellent fit in his new role.

Sybrin wishes them all the best in their new roles, and it is excited to see how they help make Sybrin's future a reality.

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