The key to effective customer service: XCALLY Motion Omnichannel

Johannesburg, 07 Oct 2021
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Customer service is the lifeline of any business, with more emphasis on the contact centre industry.

Today in the contact centre world, if you're delivering sincere value to your customers, you're all but guaranteeing your own success. To help you create this win-win situation, XCALLY Motion Omnichannel offers your contact centre a key to effective customer service.

Why omnichannel?

As technology evolves, contact centres have access to more tools that can help them serve customers better and reach more potential clients.

Omnichannel is an excellent opportunity to improve your customer experience if you collect information from different channels as a unique interaction.

Today, customers expect to communicate with companies using different channels and devices. For example, they may contact you by e-mail, then on socials. Finally, they may call to talk with an operator, who needs to know all the previous interactions the customer had to avoid the repetition of information and frustration.

You can manage all your customers' interactions and keep track of the customer journey on a unique system, using the powerful XCALLY Omnichannel Contact Centre solution and Open Channel API.

In addition to the already available XCALLY modules – voice, web chat, e-mail, fax, SMS – you can add as many channels as you need in just a few steps, thanks to the powerful Open Channel tool, building and uploading plugins in XCALLY Motion.

What's in it for your contact centre?

Your agents will efficiently manage all the interactions from several channels inside a single omnichannel desktop interface – no need to spend a lot of time for training.

Agents that work in omnichannel contact centres gain more experience because they get to use several tools. An omnichannel system adds novelty to the day, makes work more manageable, and lets your employees learn more.

Agents can access the assigned lists of the contacts manager, a lite CRM useful to handle interactions with customers effectively. Agents can easily retrieve contact information, track their activities and quickly call them or start a dynamic script, for example, for customer satisfaction.

All your customer interactions are stored in one place, and they can be filtered by tag, status, account, date, agent.

Customer benefits:

Today's consumers don't like the restrictions of telephone calls for most situations. By using an omnichannel contact centre, you can adapt to the evolving preferences of your customers.

When you improve your business's communication with customers, you also boost the company's brand. Develop a reputation for meeting customers where they are and offering outstanding levels of service.

Since an omnichannel contact centre integrates your communication efforts, you can spend less time impressing customers. As your brand's reputation grows, so will your sales! Those customers will go on to tell the people they know about their positive experiences.

A streamlined approach to communication even lowers your customer service and sales costs. If you can make communication more efficient, then your employees will become more productive.

XCALLY Motion Omnichannel Contact Centre Solution is the key to effective customer service.

Through XCALLY, you know your customers and let them interact with you across their favourite channels!

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