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Johannesburg, 03 Dec 2018
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There's a global tsunami coming to South Africa in the IT hardware space from Europe and the US, and it goes by the name of HaaS...

The days of having to fork out hard-earned company money for the most commoditised products on our office desks... notebooks and desktops, are over.

Hardware as a service is here, and rolling along in the wave is the flexibility to return, no warranties necessary, and 24-hour uptime with no hardware support necessary. Call Go Rentals and say the word HaaS. Now.

Go Rentals

Go Rentals is South Africa's leading technology rental company with a nationwide presence, servicing corporate, SME and government clients.

Go Rentals specialises in IT and office equipment rentals.

It offers a variety of rental solutions that proves "it makes sense to rent".

Go Rentals has been in business for 12 years, and considers itself to be a market leader.

Go Rentals is fanatical about service, and its friendly staff is here to make your rental a success. Go Rentals works hard to deliver on its worry-free brand promise, time and time again.

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