Survey: Have SA firms embraced DevSecOps?

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The days when building an app and keeping fingers crossed that it works in production are over. Today, development and operations are intrinsically linked in DevOps, which accelerates the velocity at which applications are deployed to end users.

However, the speed at which DevOps operates is its nemesis, as security needs to move even faster to keep up.

This is even more true as the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, introducing increasingly complex threats and adversaries who are more determined than ever. Software development teams have to ensure their applications are secure by design and that the latest security protection is built into the software frameworks and templates from the ground up.

Step forward DevSecOps, representing a shift in the software industry that aims to build security into the increasingly more rapid-release cycles that we see in modern application development and deployment today.

Embracing this security-first mentality requires businesses to bridge the chasm that usually exists between development and security teams to a point where many security processes are now automated and handled by the development team.

So how are South African organisations building trust in Agile delivery, and how are software teams approaching this challenge? To find out, ITWeb, in partnership with both Accenture and Micro Focus, is conducting a DevOps Survey to find out how companies are approaching threat modelling in their application development projects.

Moreover, the survey will examine whether or not there is closer collaboration between security and software engineers, and whether compliance standards are being clearly understood and implemented.

In addition, it will delve into the the ways in which DevSecOps differs from traditional software development, and will look at ways to achieve true security/development integration.

By taking part in this survey, you could win a Takealot voucher worth R 4 000.

The detailed results of the survey and the winner of the lucky draw will be published on ITWeb.

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