eBook: Understanding the impact of enterprise service management

Johannesburg, 04 Mar 2021
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Thanks to the superior consumer-world service experiences they receive in their personal lives, your organisation’s employees now want – and expect – a better service experience from their business services, such as human resources (HR), finance, workplace services, procurement, legal and IT. This includes commonality and consistency across all the different business services teams they engage with. Because a great service experience makes a big difference, not only in terms of their satisfaction, but also in their level of productivity.

It’s time for your organisation’s business services to understand the real impact of their inadequate service experiences and the need for a new approach to corporate service delivery and support. Especially in light of the early-2020 employee migration to homeworking, due to the COVID-19 crisis, where responsive business services support is often even more critical.

To help your organisation understand the need and opportunity, this three-part series of eBooks explains how, through enterprise service management, your organisation can better support its employees.

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