Softline Enterprise releases Sage Line 500 enhancement release 2

Johannesburg, 26 Jul 2005
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Hot on the heels of its first enhancement release, Softline Enterprise has announced the release of its Sage Line 500 V5.5 enhancement release 2.

Building on the first enhancement the second focuses on delivering the next phase of the Universal Client additions as well as incorporating a number of new and relevant features and enhancements to Sage Business Intelligence and Sage Paperless.

"Sage Line 500 v5.5 now offers an outstanding business intelligence tool. Using Microsoft Excel or a Web browser, Sage Business Intelligence is a robust, fully scalable solution that quickly delivers essential management information to your desktop. This functionality is designed to your system and is fully integrated into Sage Line 500 v5.5, eliminating the need for pre-printed stationery," says Ashley Ellington, Director: Africa at Softline Enterprise. In Sage Paperless Version 5 users are able to re-write in Microsoft .Net. "This is a new and advanced platform on which to deliver future enhancements," says Ellington.

Sage Paperless also offers an improved multi-language compatibility, which provides cover for most European languages. An in-bound archiving feature allows in-bound documents such as invoices and delivery notes to be processed and associated with the relevant Sage Line 500 options through the Paperless DocStore. These documents may then be viewed and searched using the DocStore Viewer and from within Sage Line 500 forms using the Sage TCR. An additional output format will be supported, namely XML Output. This will allow documents such as sales order, for example, to be output in a format that could be easily emailed to suppliers.

The Sage Universal Client V2.0 includes enhancements that will support in excess of 80% of the functionality of the GUI client. Enhancements include universal client copy, cut and paste; numeric pad decimal separator; insert/modify/delete attachments; support for print preview; per user configuration settings; modification of IO parameters; exiting from a drill-down to return to the menu and about Box updates.

A new graphical planning module has been built around the market-leading scheduling solutions developed by Preactor International. This is a sub-set of the production scheduling module, providing graphical planning tools for businesses with a requirement for a simpler solution. It is pre-configured and fully integrated with Sage Line 500 to provide a visual schedule of planned production.

The following functionality will be provided through the graphical planning board: forward, backward and bi-directional sequencing; scheduling constrained by resources, eg machines, process lines, customisable views, 'what if' scheduling and comparison; resource utilisation reports; "Drag and drop" capability for modifying the schedule and production schedule reports, KPIs and work-to lists.

Graphical MPS extension for production scheduling is another addition which allows the creation of an optimised Master Production Schedule (MPS) using a graphical planning tool. "This allows realistic, achievable production plans to be created against sales forecasts," says Ellington. "New functionality includes initial stock and forecast demand imported from Sage Line 500; target stock levels (days of cover or value) set-up per week in production scheduling; resource capacities set-up in production scheduling; production load (make requirement) is also easily calculated."

Softline Enterprise remains committed to provide support of Sage Line 500 V5.5 on the leading industry platforms and databases. Enhancement Release 2 extends support to include SuSE Linux V9 on Oracle 9i and Informix Dynamic Server 9.4 and Sun Solaris V9 on Oracle 9i and Informix Dynamic Server 9.4.

Platform support for both the Universal Client and Sage Line 500 V5.5 GUI client will be unchanged from the Sage Line 500 V5.5 Enhancement Release 1.

Softline Enterprise

Softline Enterprise is a leading supplier of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, delivering performance and Web capability that is essential for success in today's competitive business environment.

Addressing finance, distribution, manufacturing, services and eBusiness requirements, the product offering also supports and consolidates activity across expanding business needs. Available on a wide range of operating systems and compatible with a host of industry leading databases, it gives mid-range and larger organisations the reliability and scalability required to keep ahead of competitors. Softline Enterprise products are supported through a network of accredited partners which bring together the individual product and service components to deliver a complete and tailored solution. Softline Enterprise products include:

Line 500 - offering all the advantages of a traditional ERP solution, Line 500 provides tight financial control with full visibility of costs and powerful reporting tools. In addition it includes an evaluation of market trends to assist customers to make informed strategic decisions. The product also manages cash flow through close budget control and efficient purchase requisitioning and supports international business with multi-language, multi-currency, multi-company features. It includes vertical solutions such as manufacturing and retail.

SalesLogix - an affordable, fully scaleable and powerful CRM solution that is easily customised for medium-sized and divisions of large corporate businesses. Sales Logix is designed to integrate seamlessly with other business software and back office applications, providing customers with a holistic view of each customer.


Softline is a leading provider of accounting, payroll and CRM software solutions to small, medium and large companies. Founded in 1988 by Ivan Epstein, Alan Osrin and Steven Cohen, Softline was established during the formative years of the software industry and listed on the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa in February 1997. Softline expanded to establish a strong position within its area of focus in SA and Australia.

Focused on the development of accounting, payroll and CRM software solutions, Softline has been a market-leader for 16 years. The group has a broad range of products offering users a variety of software solutions to run their businesses efficiently. Softline's leading brands include Softline Accpac, Softline Enterprise, Softline Pastel (Accounting and Payroll) and Softline VIP. The combination of the group's product offerings, provide Softline customers with comprehensive, well-branded accounting, payroll and CRM software solutions.

In November 2003, Softline was acquired by Sage Group plc, an established FTSE 100 company.

The group includes market-leading businesses throughout the UK, Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia, supplying business software to the small, medium and large business community.

Softline has a solid track record of profitability and cash generation. The group delivers quality accounting, payroll and CRM software solutions that improve the efficiencies of businesses around the world.


The Sage Group plc is a leading supplier of accounting and business management software solutions and related services for small, medium and large enterprises. It comprises market-leading businesses throughout Europe, UK, North America, SA and Australia .The Sage group plc has over 4.5 million small and mid-sized customers in 55 countries and 8 000 staff.

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