Google intros cloud calculator

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Google intros cloud calculator

Google has introduced a campaign designed to tempt enterprises to its cloud computing platforms, writes

The search giant released the Go Google cloud calculator, which offers insights into the capabilities of cloud apps, in an effort to address the concerns about cloud computing.

"Sometimes it's hard to imagine what working in the cloud would really mean, and frequently people ask us how they can better understand the benefits of Google Apps specifically for their business," says Vivian Leung, from the Google Enterprise team.

US Army unveils cloud strategy

The US Army is increasing its server virtualisation and consolidation drive to offer cloud services across Army operations, reports Information Week.

The move is intended to stop the proliferation of single-purpose servers, with a review process being issued to check server purchases before being made.

The army has more than 200 data centres and is in the early stages of implementing its cloud computing strategy, with funding designated for data centre consolidation in the 2012 budget plans.

MS opens cloud R&D centre

Microsoft inaugurated the opening of a cloud computing research centre in Taiwan, states Straits Times.

Steven Guggenheimer, a Microsoft vice-president, says: “The opening of the centre was a milestone in the era of cloud computing.”

The software giant plans to spend $9.5 billion on research and development projects in 2010, of which a considerable amount will go into cloud computing technologies.

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