Webinar: How can HR make a difference in the new world of work?

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Jannie Malan, senior HCM consultant and presales at Workday.
Jannie Malan, senior HCM consultant and presales at Workday.

New technologies such as artificial Intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality are changing every aspect of business operations. Human capital management (HCM) is no exception to this transformation.

At the Workday Bring on the Future webinar on 27 January, Jannie Malan, senior HCM consultant and presales at Workday, will explore how cloud-native human resource solutions can assist your organisation to become more agile and innovative.

“The future of work looks very different from what we know today,” says Malan. “Technology is reshaping every job, alternative work arrangements like gigs and agile teams are becoming mainstream, career paths are circuitous instead of linear, and new skills are increasingly needed and hard to find.

“How does a CHRO [Chief Human Resources Officer] face the challenge of evolving people practices, and how does HR make a difference in this new world of work?”

In this webinar, Malan will share some of the ways in which Workday customers are facing these challenges head-on. The presentation will specifically focus on:

  • Gaining insights from people data;
  • Creating an agile organisation by aligning people to strategic objectives;
  • Enabling the multidimensional workforce, and
  • Creating an outstanding employee experience.
Workday’s ‘Bring on the Future’

Workday’s ‘Bring on the Future’ webinar will demonstrate how Human Capital Management can assist your organisation to face the challenge of evolving people practices, and become more agile and innovative in the process. Book your FREE seat now.

Malan has over 12 years of experience in various management roles in the HCM, business, cloud based solutions and e-learning consulting space, and has assisted many local and global clients with their exciting journeys to digitisation and cloud adoption. He is passionate about disruptive, innovative technology that can truly improve business performance by placing people at the heart of enterprise software.

Angela Mace, CRM and events director at ITWeb, says this webinar will highlight the major issues that businesses ought to be looking at in order to stay ahead of digital transformation, especially in their Human Resource Management departments.

“This is a must-attend event for decision-makers who are interested in deploying a human capital management solution in their organisations,” adds Mace. “It will delve deeper into pertinent topics such as how to plan, recruit and develop talent in one single system and how to create a better user experience to keep your workforce engaged and help them grow.”

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