SA’s biggest university embraces cyber security awareness

The University of South Africa selects KHIPU to execute its Cyber Security Awareness project, spanning a three-year period.

Pretoria, 03 Dec 2019
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The University of South Africa (UNISA), one of the biggest correspondence learning institutions in the world, has awarded KHIPU Networks the endeavour of generating more awareness of the pitfalls of cyber crime to its international body of staff and students.

"The number of cyber attacks we face, through various vectors, is increasing almost daily, despite our significant investment in cyber security hardware. It is of utmost importance that we not only provide our users with the best security solutions, but also give them the opportunity to learn and apply cyber security best practices beyond the confines of the workspace," says Mervyn Christoffels, Senior ICT Executive Leader.

Through working in partnership with ASAUDIT, KHIPU was able to present its simulated phishing and cyber security awareness offerings to UNISA to help address their strategic objectives to create a sustainable educational model so their users become more aware of what e-mails they are opening, what they are clicking and with whom they share their credentials.

"By utilising a holistic approach to cyber security that includes our staff and students, we are now able to draw a line in the sand, not only as to how our users handle the various attempts at cyber crime, but also how our internal security systems react to these attacks," says Musa Mfeka, Deputy Director: Networks and Communications.

"We are extremely proud to have been selected by such an esteemed institution to execute their goal of achieving an improved cyber security awareness posture. Cyber security can become an extremely costly exercise, but through the approach taken by UNISA, we are able to offer essential insight and growth in an ever-changing cyber crime world," says Hannes Kriel, Technical Manager, KHIPU Networks.

For further information on KHIPU’s cyber security awareness services, including the educational purchasing framework, please contact the team: (041) 393 7601


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