Global SD-WAN market to accelerate

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Atchison Frazer, worldwide head of marketing at Versa Networks.
Atchison Frazer, worldwide head of marketing at Versa Networks.

Software-defined networking in a wide area network (SD-WAN) has reached mainstream adoption, as more firms across the globe utilise the technology for optimising and streamlining access to cloud applications.

This is according to Atchison Frazer, worldwide head of marketing at software firm Versa Networks, unpacking the pre-release findings from research firm Futuriom's third annual SD-WAN growth report.

Speaking today at the NetEvents EMEA IT Spotlight conference in Barcelona, Spain, Frazer pointed out that SD-WAN is now recognised by global organisations as a strategic enterprise platform for cloud network applications, and not only for improving access to enterprise WAN connectivity.

"The report, to be published later this month, forecasts a revenue boost of $2.1 billion by 2020, as more enterprises make a shift to this platform, an increase from last year's estimate of $1.44 billion.

"The 2019 Futuriom survey of over 130 enterprise and service provider companies shows nearly three-quarters of respondents are 'actively deploying SD-WAN'. End-user interviews show the top three drivers for adoption are network cost savings, flexible and centralised management, and better end-user experience," noted Frazer.

SD-WAN is applied to WAN connections such as broadband Internet, 4G, LTE, or MPLS. It connects enterprise networks, including branch offices and data centres.

Networks are more important than ever, connecting consumers with digital content and enterprise users with critical business applications. SD-WAN technology represents a step forward in building adaptive networks to suit these needs, while lowering operating expense, explained Frazer.

Futuriom anticipates a compound annual growth rate of 31% through 2022.

"Among the reasons SD-WAN is so popular, is the finding that open hardware architecture allows greater choice and easy migration from proprietary boxes and multiprotocol label switching services. The ability to route traffic to the cloud, to create redundant broadband links and above all to build in native security are all factors contributing to the demand, according to the survey, as well as our own customers.

"There is little doubt SD-WAN has become a strategic enterprise IT platform for cloud-delivered network apps. These already include WAN optimisation and acceleration, network security and multi-cloud applications management.

"Futuriom's annual SD-WAN growth report provides Versa Networks with vital market intelligence, and we are proud to be identified as a market leader in this year's report," concluded Frazer.

The 2019 Futuriom SD-WAN Growth Report will be released on 4 June.

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