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CallCabinet announces support of Dedicated Instance for Webex Calling with seamless cloud integration

Utilising Cisco IaaS, Atmos now provides recording in the Cisco data centre.

Boca Raton, 05 Jan 2022
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CallCabinet, the premiere cloud-native compliance call recording and AI-analytics provider, Dedicated Instance brings the popular features and integrations of Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager telephone system, which has been vastly deployed worldwide, to Webex Calling users in a dedicated cloud service. What’s exciting about CallCabinet’s Atmos integration is that it 100% resides in the Cisco data centre, not requiring any hardware, software or services by the Cisco partner or on the customer's premises. CallCabinet is one of the first to adopt Cisco’s IaaS (infrastructure as a service), which deploys CallCabinet’s technology and infrastructure within the Cisco data centre, where Dedicated Instance resides. All connections between Dedicated Instance and CallCabinet’s Atmos platform are provided in the cloud, making it highly secure, faster and resilient while providing unparalleled capabilities.

Atmos was the first cloud-native recording solution and has supported Cisco users in a wide range of systems from partner-hosted to end customer premises in various configurations for many years. CallCabinet’s Atmos cloud recording platform has been certified by Cisco and is available through service operators, managed service providers and authorised Cisco resellers worldwide. “The integration enables CallCabinet to align with Cisco’s Cloud Enablement strategy while providing the same service levels that Cisco customers demand,” stated Ron Romanchik, CallCabinet Chief Strategy Officer. “Dedicated Instance for Webex Calling and our business model of aggregating voice data to the cloud provides business insights, compliance and security and offers Cisco customers a unique cloud-based solution that supports a wide range of configurations for the contact centre, enterprise, mid-market and SMB markets.”

“Businesses worldwide are responding to increased regulatory and compliance obligations. CallCabinet’s Atmos integration benefits Dedicated Instance for Webex Calling users by providing a highly secure, compliant recording solution that resides in the Cisco data centre. This will provide businesses with an advanced solution that will help customers meet those requirements while enabling them to leverage their voice data across their organisation,” said Jamie Palmer, Senior Director of Strategy, Webex Calling.

CallCabinet offers a cloud-based call recording, quality assurance and voice analytics solution for all Cisco phone systems and contact centres. Part of CallCabinet’s expertise is migrating new and old voice recording data and agent screen interactions into a cloud-based, secure, shareable format where the customer owns their data. “Our technology permits our customers to utilise the data we capture in enterprise-wide analytics such as business intelligence, omnichannel analytics, CRM systems, data visualisation and, of course, our CallCabinet Analytics Package,” continued Romanchik.

To learn more about Atmos by CallCabinet, our Cisco relationship, and how easy it is to deploy for any size business, request a demo at

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