Nimbula to deliver cloudy self-service

Johannesburg, 18 Aug 2011
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Nimbula to deliver cloudy self-service

Nimbula has released a new version of its cloud operating system (OS), Nimbula Director 1.5 that is able to support a geographically distributed cloud environment, reports Cloud Pro.

The version is designed to isolate customers from the operational and hardware complexity associated with deploying of private or public cloud instances by providing self-service access.

“We're continuing to aggressively innovate so that our customers can build clouds for a wider range of uses and applications,” says Willem van Biljon, Nimbula co-founder and VP of products.

According to Sys Con Media, Nimbula has delivered critical functionality for taking Nimbula Director clouds into production and ensuring simple and efficient operations.

The version supports policy-based automation, Groundbreaking storage management and Simplicity with flexibility.

Users get the convenience of being able to access any cloud resource anywhere in world and make deployments, writes CMS Wire.

Nimbula will present the latest release of the software at the upcoming VMWorld.

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