Ocon Brick merges BI and advanced Excel training

Ocon Brick was attracted to Excel Integration's unique approach to Excel training

Johannesburg, 23 Feb 2010
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Microsoft Excel, it is true to say, is the preferred presentation medium for monthly financial reports in most businesses today. Ocon Brick's financial controller, Jan Viljoen, felt his department's spreadsheets had, over time, become too complex. Lack of Excel expertise had also contributed to a general inefficiency that amounted to an unacceptable time investment each month-end.

Viljoen was seeking on-site Excel training that would have a positive impact on the enhancement of the existing spreadsheets.

He was attracted to Excel Integration's unique approach to on-site training. Firstly, the advanced Excel content was comprehensive. Secondly, the added benefit of being able to bring their existing spreadsheets into the class promised to deliver an additional element to the learning experience and a practical means of implementing the new skills learnt.

Prior to the training event, each learner underwent a brief Excel evaluation. Armed with the results, the EI Trainer was able to position the modularised two-day material favourably for the mix of attendees.

Each learner was then approached to choose an existing Excel spreadsheet for inclusion in the course content. The concept being that during the course they would be able to gain insight to new and better methods of utilising Excel within their own past work.

The two days proved totally successful with all the stated goals achieved. Viljoen, one of the six attendees, summed up the exercise saying, “We were very satisfied with the Excel training provided. Participants were evaluated beforehand to determine skills levels. The training was presented on-site which saves time and allows for more trainees to participate. The trainer was very skilled and not only taught us much-needed advanced skills, but also showed how we can tailor spreadsheets specific to Ocon. He was also able to resolve niggles that we presented.”

Viljoen concluded: “The training was an eye-opener and we are reaping the benefits already. Spreadsheets now work more efficiently and we are saving a lot of time. It was a very fruitful and enjoyable exercise and we do not hesitate recommending the training.”

Excel Integration (Pty) Ltd assists companies to utilise MS Excel as a true BI reporting tool. Additional Excel training information can be found at and affordable BI information at

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