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New partnership with Sage VIP gives payroll, HR teams greater access to data for improved decision-making

Johannesburg, 07 Oct 2014
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Sage VIP and Karabina Software have finalised a partnership which aims to help HR and payroll departments mature in the use of their data. The goal of the partnership is to provide companies with the ability to interact directly with data to make strategic decisions around their workforce and payroll initiatives.

"While the relationship between both companies stems back to 2011, the signing of this partnership will formalise a much stronger working relationship between both companies to ultimately benefit customers seeking to unlock value within their Sage Payroll and HR data," says Sandra Swanepoel, Sales Director for Sage VIP.

The increasing demands on payroll and HR departments to provide reports has meant a large amount of time is spent "gathering, formatting and preparing hundreds of reports" on data.

"While most HR and payroll may have centralised a large portion of their data with Sage VIP, the progressive use of information in business decision-making has seen the need to consolidate Sage VIP data with other sources of data," says Heath Turner, Director at Karabina Software. As an example, an HR team may need to provide a report indicating salary spend vs revenue on a regional and department basis. In order to do this they will need to blend Sage VIP data along with sales and financial information from across the business. This could also result in a multitude of reports that are static and need to be generated over each new period.

"Implementing an advanced information system that will remove this manual effort of collecting data from multiple sources and provide a more instant self-service Analytics experience to business, is not simple, and has traditionally been expensive and difficult to achieve," says Heath.

The strong working relationship between Karabina and Sage VIP, and the ongoing feedback over the past three years from customers such as Eqstra, Murray and Roberts, Supergroup, Imperial and King Price, has assisted in the development of "Business Analytics for Sage VIP" ? a pre-packaged advanced analytics solution for Sage VIP customers. The product is being deployed into companies with more than 250 employees, as they typically have multiple people needing access to information and the transactional volumes make it difficult to do analytics.

"Business Analytics for Sage VIP can be instantly deployed along with Sage VIP Classic, Premier and People products, without a strained and costly development cycle or deployment of proprietary software," says Heath.

The product makes use of standard Microsoft technology and is packed with HR and payroll-related data models, metrics, measures and reports, to keep the costs down and ensure business is self-sufficient and extracting value in a few days. In addition to this, our Data Director provides full data warehouse automation that will reduce the costs of maintaining and extending your "Business Analytics for Sage VIP" environment.

"A typical payroll and HR team is up and running and extracting value within about a week," says Heath, "with the most common complaint being, why hadn't they seen our products six months ago, as it could have saved them so much effort and time in producing information for business."

It's for this reason the partnership between Karabina and Sage VIP has been formalised.

The companies are both in agreement that with the high demands for reporting from payroll and HR, and the increased volume of transactional data across a number of systems, a co-operative partnership between Karabina and Sage VIP on "Business Analytics for Sage VIP", will ease the report burden, improve access to information business and ultimately unlock better decision-making capabilities for business.

The end result being significant organisational impact, cost-savings and performance improvements within your workforce.

Karabina Software

Karabina, Microsoft's top BI partner for 10 years, has been designing and implementing business information systems for over 14 years with hundreds of projects successfully delivered across Africa. Karabina Software's Business Analytics solution has been optimised for various ERP and payroll systems. It is an easy to use, yet sophisticated reporting and analytics product delivering rapid time-to-value for business users to immediately access their data, through a number of pre-built industry models, reports and dashboards. Get answers quickly and remove the complexity of reporting with Business Analytics from Karabina.

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Sage VIP Payroll & HR

Sage VIP Payroll & HR is a leading supplier of payroll and human resource management solutions in South Africa and Africa.

Sage VIP's comprehensive range of products and services offer you ease of use, stability and reliability. Whether your business is an SME or a multinational corporation, it caters to your unique company and legislative needs, giving you the rock-solid support you need to grow your business with confidence.

Sage VIP is statutory complaint in 14 African countries with an extensive business partner network supporting all its software, which includes Sage Pastel Payroll & HR and Sage VIP Payroll & HR.

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