JDA, RedPrairie integrate products

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JDA Software has released its integrated product roadmap, following the company's recent merger with RedPrairie.

The merger, which was finalised in December 2012, saw JDA and RedPrairie focus on integrating their product portfolios, bringing together supply chain, retail merchandising, store operations and all-channel commerce solutions.

"From the onset, we knew product integrations for JDA and RedPrairie had to go beyond business as usual to create a solutions portfolio that is transformative to our customers and the industry as a whole," said Jean-Francois Gagne, chief product officer at JDA Software. According to Gagne, the companies adopted an outward-facing approach, leading them to focus on six key solution areas based on JDA customers' greatest challenges. These include: retail planning, retail execution, commerce, warehouse, transportation and manufacturing/distribution.

"Since there was minimal overlap in the JDA and RedPrairie solution portfolios, the integration process allowed us to address questions such as: What planning and execution integrations will create the fastest speed to value for our customers? What are the technology innovations that are not only going to give our customers competitive advantage today, but also in five to 10 years?" said John Kopcke, executive VP and CTO at JDA Software.

JDA CEO Hamish Brewer makes it clear that the convergence of JDA and RedPrairie will not come at the expense of customers, either in terms of cost or the level of service each customer receives. "JDA will support all products with the highest level of service that our customers have come to expect," says Brewer. "Customers will be given the opportunity to transition and upgrade based on their business needs and timelines consistent with JDA's standard upgrade processes and cycles. We're confident that the world's leading retailers, manufacturers and distributors will be in lock-step with JDA as we transform their greatest challenges into competitive advantage and new opportunities."

Partnering with Best Western

The merger and subsequent roadmap news comes as Best Western International partners with JDA on a comprehensive price-optimisation project.

Best Western will deploy JDA Demand and JDA Travel Price Optimiser solutions to forecast demand and optimise rates for its hotels in North America, over the course of a two-phased rollout.

"With competition at an all-time high, it is important for us to continually make strategic investments in innovative technology to deliver on our mission to enhance brand equity and increase member value," said Ron Pohl, senior VP of brand management and member services at Best Western International. "We believe JDA's innovation in price optimisation and demand forecasting will give our individual properties the ability to maximise revenue potential during high- and low-demand periods. Hoteliers no longer have a choice when it comes to investing in smart pricing; it has to be done well, and we believe this strategic partnership with JDA will give us the ability to do just that."

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