Kenet gets 10GE carrier Ethernet network

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Telco Systems on Wednesday announced the US-based company has successfully deployed a new 10GE (10-gigabit per second) high-capacity carrier Ethernet network for the Kenya Education Network (Kenet) in Kenya.

The new carrier Ethernet network initially provides Internet access and datacentre interconnectivity to all the universities and research institutes in Kenya. Kenet's new network could eventually be extended to provide connectivity to other educational institutions, including primary and secondary schools in the country.

Kenet is a not-for-profit telecommunications operator in Kenya supporting the communication needs of education and research institutions in the country. Kenet is designated the National Research and Education Network of Kenya and provides Internet bandwidth services to member institution campuses.

The new carrier Ethernet network replaces Kenet's previously-used Layer 3 transport network, and provides Kenet with greater bandwidth to support more traffic and better serve its education and research institution customers with superior levels of service level agreement commitments and improved traffic engineering possibilities.

"We are confident Telco Systems and its technology will support our growth plans and contribute to helping us fulfil our mission of providing high-quality communications services to all the educational institutions in our country," said professor Meoli Kashorda, executive director at Kenet.

"We are looking forward to working with Kenet and establishing a long-term relationship," said Ariel Efrati, CEO at Telco Systems. "There is a clear trend of upgrading to 10GE to support growing traffic needs and deliver superior service."

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