Argility announces exciting plans for formation of innovative technology group

Johannesburg, 26 Oct 2017
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Marko Salic, CEO Argility
Marko Salic, CEO Argility

Argility - a leading innovator of enterprise retail software solutions - has announced the formation of the Argility Technology Group and its acquisition of Cquential Solutions, and Fleet Domain, from Capital Eye Investments, effective 1 October 2017.

Argility CEO Marko Salic reveals the acquisitions form part of the execution of a broader strategy aimed at building an innovative technology group with specialised experience and expertise across multiple industry verticals.

"These markets are comprised of the expansive retail sector which is inclusive of digital transformation, omni-channel, prescriptive analytics, customer experience and more. They also include warehousing, supply chain and fleet management," says Salic.

He highlights the many benefits this move holds for all the companies involved. "One of the most important outcomes is the combination of expertise within these businesses and consequently the associated extended value proposition this will bring to our customers.

"Moreover, it will enable the Argility group to be recognised as a formidable player in the industry, uniquely positioned with a rich portfolio to capture a larger market share with improved investor attractiveness."

Salic says each business has its core strengths which, when combined, creates a strong well-rounded organisation with unparalleled capabilities for the provision of powerful, integrated solutions.

In terms of operating structures, Salic confirms he will head up the new group in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer, while continuing as CEO of Argility.

"Each business in the newly formed group will retain its individual brand and identity, with the existing management structures remaining intact. Therefore, Steve Mallaby will continue as CEO of Cquential, but has also been appointed COO of the group, and Colin Steyn will remain CEO of Fleet Domain."

Salic says the vision behind the formation of the new group is to position it as a leader in disruptive software technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IOT) and blockchain. "In line with this, we are already engaged in plans to increase our investment in the development of game-changing solutions in these areas. Embedding these new technologies into our current offerings will enable us to diversify, target new markets and significantly enhance our existing solutions portfolio."

He confirms the amalgamation of these businesses will enable the group to provide truly unique and competitive offerings that will empower their customers to meet business goals in today's challenging digital economy. "Therefore, the benefits for our customers and the respective businesses are immense as they will all be exposed to the latest global technology trends, which will ultimately create value for all stakeholders," Salic concludes.


Argility - a member of the Argility Technology Group - is a leading innovator and implementer of customised enterprise software solutions for the retail industry. Argility's vast experience, combined with depth of proprietary software and skills, enables it to address the multitude of challenges facing businesses in today's digital transformation era.

Argility solves complex business problems by supplying and supporting various customised software solutions such as point of sale, ERP, warehouse management, fleet management, IOT management software, proximity marketing and more. Argility strives to become an extension of its clients' businesses and not just another solution provider.

Argility's origins trace back 30 years as a leading software supplier to the retail sector. Decades of long, prosperous customer relationships bear testament to its customer-centric culture, exceptional service and innovative thinking. From single systems to the digital transformation of an entire organisation, Argility has the solutions, skills and experience.

The Argility Technology Group comprises: Argility; Cquential Solutions, and Fleet Domain. All are foremost technology developers and suppliers of customised enterprise software solutions for the retail, supply chain and fleet industries.

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