IntegriSure receives value through Netsurit’s expertise

Johannesburg, 16 Jan 2020
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IntegriSure is proud to have had Netsurit as a technology partner since 2012. During this time, the business relationship has grown and strengthened, and Netsurit has not only met IntegriSure's expectations, but exceeded them regularly.

While the company provides risk-mitigating solutions so its clients may prosper, Netsurit supports IntegriSure by delivering infrastructure and user support, which includes desktop, servers and project teams with on-site assistance. Netsurit’s expertise and experience covers hardware, software as well as facilitating cloud-integrated business solutions. They have also proven to be invaluable in managing and implementing third-party services and solutions.

IntegriSure has an on-site Netsurit team that offers immediate advice and support, which in turn provides uninterrupted service to its clients. The Netsurit team has access to extensive and in-depth expertise through its global resources and has proven that it can rapidly expand its team in numbers and knowledge when needed – during business hours and, vitally, after-hours.

As a short-term insurance intermediary, data security and integrity are of utmost importance. It gives the company peace of mind knowing that Netsurit has its interests at heart, especially in this volatile age of cyber security risk. IntegriSure finds added assurance in the match between their values, especially integrity, which is not negotiable and evident in Netsurit’s conduct.

“As a client, I was astounded when Netsurit’s Managing Director in South Africa personally brought food to sustain his and the IntegriSure team working through the night on a major deployment – at two in the morning! It speaks volumes of their culture and values,” said Sandro Geyser, Chief Information Officer at IntegriSure.

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