Metro Namibia joins the Arch family

Arch Retail Systems, a leading supplier of POS solutions in southern Africa, has rolled out its suite of products in the Metro Group in Namibia.

Johannesburg, 14 Nov 2019

Arch Retail Systems, a leading supplier of point-of-sale (POS) solutions in southern Africa, is proud to announce the recent roll-out of its suite of products in the Metro Group in Namibia.

Sefalana Group (Botswana), Metro Namibia’s holding company, has been an Arch user since 2007, with 56 stores. The conversion to Arch has now been completed. Arch Enterprise (head office merchandise management system) was implemented towards the end of 2018, with the roll-out in stores commencing in March this year. Initially, it was implemented in a few stores, followed by the bulk of the stores in August and September.

Both Metro and Arch teams have worked against very tight schedules in a vast country, with long distances between stores. The company is glad to announce 22 stores with 254 Arch POS; and 166 Arch Back Office licences are operational, as scheduled. There remain two new and two revamped stores to be done in the near future. The bulk of the stores in the Metro Group are wholesalers, but there are also a growing number of hybrids.

Arch Retail (in-store solution) and Arch Enterprise (head office management system) will in the near future be supplemented with Arch value-adds at till point (pre-paid airtime, EFT and loyalty) and Arch Mobile (mobile management capability on the store floor). The implementation of Arch in the group posed a number of challenges, notably the database conversions to facilitate conversion from the legacy system to Arch.

The entire process was a well-managed team effort, but recognition is given to Armand du Preez, Jade Rickerts and Kobus Boshoff (Metro); Barend Smit and his entire team (Windhoek branch); and Weyer Creme and Andre Swart (Arch head office), who were instrumental in ensuring the successful completion of the project. 

Says David Geldenhuys, Marketing Executive at Arch: “We acknowledge the completion of a challenging project within tight timelines and salute all involved. A special thank you to Bryan Davis and his team for taking us aboard as business partner. We look forward to being part of the growth and success of this dynamic group.”

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