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Use your existing ASUS routers to set up a powerful mesh network at home

Johannesburg, 27 Jul 2018
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ASUS has introduced AiMesh, a powerful new software feature for its router range that enables you to connect multiple ASUS routers into a flexible, high-speed WiFi network. Perfect for home users and small businesses, AiMesh allows you to extend smooth and reliable WiFi to every corner of your home or office.

With AiMesh, you can mix different ASUS router models into a single WiFi network to address dead spots or unreliable signals in the corners of your property. If you buy an ASUS router and find later on that you need to extend coverage to a new room or to a building outside, you can simply add extra ASUS routers to your AiMesh system as necessary.

"Your WiFi signal can be affected by a range of factors: room layout, construction materials, even furniture. With ASUS's AiMesh, you can easily solve this problem using your existing ASUS hardware," says Diana Hughes, ASUS product manager at Tarsus Distribution.

"Where many other mesh WiFi systems limit you to using matching hubs, ASUS allows you to put your old routers to work, saving you money. Each router is capable of superb performance on its own, so when they're working together in an AiMesh system, they're unbeatable. With AiMesh, your network can cope with demanding tasks like 4K UHD streaming even at the far corners of your home or garden."

With AiMesh, all routers can still use all their own features, as well as all the features of the other routers, with easy, central control of all settings from the ASUS router mobile app, or ASUSWRT, a graphical user interface for configuration and management of routers. Features like AiProtection, QOS and parental controls work across the entire network, ensuring no one can bypass them by connecting to a different router.

AiMesh can create a single, house-wide network name so there's no need to constantly switch between networks as you roam around your home. It checks the signal strength to each device from each router to ensure devices are always connected to the best WiFi signal, automatically switching to a different router if needed. But, if you prefer separate network names for each frequency band, you can do that as well.

An AiMesh network can deliver WiFi speed of up to 5 300Mbps. Self-healing capability immediately replaces a failed router using the remaining router connections.

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