Whitepaper: New storage strategies for long-term data retention

Johannesburg, 16 Jul 2019
Read time 50sec

Storage has become a critical element in an organisation’s digital transformation and infrastructure modernisation strategies, but the sheer volume and complexity of storage, combined with mounting regulatory demands, has put enormous pressure on organisations to take a second look at their approach to long-term data retention.

To overcome the challenges of cost, complexity and risk, enterprises should look for a more flexible set of options to manage long-term retention (LTR) storage. IT and storage administrators need to be able to select from among such options as software-defined storage architecture, purpose-built storage appliances and cloud tiering to architect their LTR storage solutions.

Veritas provides enterprise decision-makers with a number of different cost-effective storage options that fill the gap between expensive primary storage and lower-cost but potentially complex solutions such as tape libraries and cloud storage.

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