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Partnership with Huawei helps DCG to ‘simplify IT’

Johannesburg, 24 Aug 2021
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Leon Barnard, MD at Dynamic Cyber Group (DCG).
Leon Barnard, MD at Dynamic Cyber Group (DCG).

The adoption of cloud services was initially very slow in South Africa, mainly due to a lack of understanding of the cloud architecture, along with the perceived vulnerabilities and fear associated with not hosting your own infrastructure on-premises. 

According to Leon Barnard, MD at Dynamic Cyber Group (DCG), as business confidence grows in the financial model of the cloud, so the ICT industry is hard at work to provide the same levels of confidence in the security aspects of the model.

In fact, he says, South Africa has reached a point where certain industry leaders have taken the initial steps and it is evident that the rest will soon follow.

“DCG evolved from a need to provide simplification in an over-complex world of very expensive technology, process and red tape. To this end, we utilise the support of the best partners and technologies in the market, and it is as a result of this that we attain our goal to ‘simplify IT’ by offering quick value solutions and services at affordable rates,” he says.

“We firmly believe that for the majority of IT projects, we do not need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, what is required is to be aligned with strategic intent, be able to make quick changes and to focus investment in opex rather than capex models.”

The DCG business model is to simplify and fast-track solutions that can assist a changing world, continues Barnard. DCG realises that many new businesses are actively pursuing new and different business services and products, to help them meet the demands of a transformed world.

“With this in mind, Huawei Cloud & AI was identified as a forward-thinking hyperscale cloud provider that could provide ease-of-use services and products, along with market-leading performance measurements and competitive pricing.

“Another reason for choosing Huawei is that the company’s management teams and architects are extremely approachable and caring towards partners, clients and end-users. The thing that stands out most for me is the entire organisation’s ‘can do’ attitude, which resonates well with our goal to simplify IT.”

He adds that DCG has now been awarded Premier HCPN Consulting Partner status with Huawei, something that enables the business to offer a number of solutions, including cloud-based soft PBX VOIP solutions, website and e-commerce hosting solutions for the end-user, as well as reseller hosting solutions.

“The reseller model creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to ‘white label’ and leverage this technology with an easy-to-manage user interface. DCG also delivers zero-touch services that empower and enable business owners to create awareness and market their corporate digital image to the world for consumption, exploration and ultimately a positive response. In addition, domain names, e-mail and website hosting of various sizes can all be purchased through an automated payment gateway.” 

George Thomas Managing Director, Huawei Cloud (Southern Africa).
George Thomas Managing Director, Huawei Cloud (Southern Africa).

According to George Thomas Managing Director, Huawei Cloud (Southern Africa),  Huawei is an organisation fiercely committed to its partners, as it is these partners that make the company’s Cloud platform even stronger.

“We believe it is the combination of our Cloud platform combined with our partners’ technologies and skills that ensures that together, we can solve the end-customers’ challenges. Huawei believes strongly in SA’s potential and understands the need to support its partners in all possible ways, thus helping to make them stronger and more skilled – and thus better placed to more successfully service their end-customers,” notes Thomas.

Barnard says he feels the same way, suggesting a key advantage of working with Huawei lies in being situated locally in the Woodmead Data Centre. This allows DCG to leverage the advantages associated with low latency while achieving its goal of simplification. The local data centre makes deployment and integration of easy-to-use, dominant, market-leading software simple, as the platform is very fast and can scale from very low to very high demands.

“Huawei Cloud & AI has some of the best security credentials in the industry to remove any doubt or fear around data protection and security. Various benchmarks also confirm best performance, not forgetting that Huawei Cloud trumps its competitors every time a financial total cost of ownership model is completed.

“We work well with Huawei because, just like DCG, the company listens to clients’ needs and embraces the challenges. This is the most important component for me – the fact that Huawei Cloud & AI treats every client with the ultimate respect, as if they are all platinum clients, irrespective of their actual size,” he concludes.

  • To celebrate this partnership, DCG is providing a 10% discount coupon to readers purchasing its website hosting services at Simply use the code: ‘Host@Huawei’. This coupon offer will be redeemable until the end of September 2021.

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