Motorists get option to pay online to renew car licences

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South Africa’s Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has joined forces with First National Bank (FNB) to introduce a payment gateway on its NaTIS online platform.

The new payment gateway, which is enabled by FNB, will allow motorists to register, renew and pay for their licence discs on the NaTIS system.

In a statement, RTMC says it’s witnessed an increase in online activity, with more than 6 700 motorists having used the NaTIS online crash reporting platform since its launch in 2019.

Furthermore, it believes the new service will save motorists time by avoiding long queues and penalties for late renewal, as well as help to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

“We are delighted to partner with the RTMC to make this service possible,” states Sipho Silinda, FNB Public Sector CEO. “COVID-19 has accelerated growth in the digital and e-commerce sectors, with more consumers preferring to shop and access essential services online.

“By adding a digital payment option for motorists, RTMC aims to reduce cash-handling risks for all persons involved, including that of South Africans. This will assist in reducing operational costs and pass these savings to South Africans, through the introduction of more innovative services to motorists, while maintaining the levels of service expected of them.”

To date, local motorists have been able to renew their car licences via a number of ways, including at the South African Post Office, as well as via FNB’s nav» platform. The nav» car applet within the FNB mobile app allows the bank’s customers to renew their car licences online and address other car maintenance needs, among other services.

To use the payment gateway, according to the statement, motorists will be required to register on the NaTIS platform, select ‘view motor renewals’, choose the licence disc/car, capture card details of the respective bank and pay.

Once payment has been made, motorists will have a choice to have the car licence disc couriered to their address of choice, or get it printed at the nearest Drivers Licence Testing Centre, it states.

“The Road Traffic Management Corporation encourages motorists to use the online facility on the NaTIS platform to verify and update their addresses to ensure the licence discs are delivered to the correct residential address.”

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