Make the most of remote working with Adobe Sign

Discover how to accelerate your business processes with electronic signatures.

Johannesburg, 23 Mar 2021
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Make remote working more efficient and productive.

Enable your teams to work remotely without sacrificing productivity, collaboration, or security. As teams need to conduct business anywhere, anytime, many organisations are embracing e-signatures as a way to complete transactions faster and create a competitive advantage.

With Adobe Sign, you can set your remote workers up for success – reducing signing and approval processes from days to minutes. You can also improve collaboration between teams and create great customer experiences.

Quickly and easily switch to digital workflows.

Adobe Sign is capable of much more than collecting signatures electronically – it can enable you to move away from traditional paper-based processes and streamline the way your business works.

With Adobe Sign, your team members can send digital documents out for signature in a few clicks. Your customers can e-sign agreements from anywhere using a Web browser or mobile device. Documents are stored in your business system or Adobe Document Cloud – so your teams can store, access, track and manage documents anywhere in real-time.

Accelerate digital transformation by streamlining collaborative tasks such as form filling, or use click-to-accept or certified document delivery as a form of recipient acknowledgement.

Adopt remote working as a business strategy and reap the benefits.

Combining remote working with moving processes online can be a powerful business strategy that generates huge savings in time and resources.

Adobe Sign can help you save time and money by eliminating paper-based processes, plus all the cost, errors and delays that can go with them. With real-time tracking and management, you can gain better visibility, improve turnaround times, and reduce time spent on administrative tasks, so that teams can focus on business-critical activities.

A Forrester Total Economic Impact Study in 2019 found that Adobe Sign delivers a ROI of 420%, and £5.6 million in benefits over three years. By the end of that three-year period, businesses using Adobe Sign had saved £5 per signed document, 125 hours per user, and £500 000 in paper and shipping costs.

Adobe Sign can help make your business more efficient and productive in these areas:

Sales - Accelerating sales documents

Decrease time to revenue and increase deal closure rates by automating the creation of electronic sales documents and contracts, and enabling customers to sign electronically. Integrating the e-signature process can be part of a customer relationship management (CRM) deployment, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or Netsuite, so the entire process remains electronic.

Legal - Streamlining legal and procurement operations

Automate the process for nondisclosure agreements, vendor contracts and confidential business-to-business agreements. Standalone or integrated into a contract management system, such as Ariba Contract Management or SAP, e-signatures can accelerate the contract process time by as much as five times or more.

HR - Simplifying employee onboarding and policy acknowledgements

Speed up HR processes, such as offer letters, new hire documents and employee policy acknowledgements by eliminating printing, faxing and overnight mail.

IT - Accelerating change authorisation

Speed up the process for authorising changes, streamline the signing of vendor agreements and improve asset documentation and tracking through increased visibility.

Imagine just one workflow, in just one of your departments, and how much time just one person could save by completing that workflow on their mobile phone. Now imagine that multiplied by a whole department and across multiple workflows.

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