Whitepaper: Three factors that influence a distributor’s productivity

Johannesburg, 27 Jun 2019
Read time 50sec

Today’s modern distributors are leveraging innovative technologies to boost customer service and logistics processes. Like all commercial endeavours, distributors need stable growth, consistent profits, and productivity improvements to compete effectively, acquire new customers and expand services.

Productivity is typically measured by efficiency factors and business ratios of output versus input. However, one limitation of this viewpoint is that it focuses exclusively on the effort-to-output ratio for current activities. It doesn’t take into account other aspects of the business that may impact productivity.

This white paper will help you view productivity in a broader sense – from optimising processes and giving your people the best tools available, to making your existing capital assets more efficient. Focusing on these three factors can help distributors hone their operations and improve output—driving growth and profitability.

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