Credence Security and QS solutions partner to improve cyber security based on facts

Johannesburg, 08 Jun 2018
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Credence Security and QS solutions have announced the availability of a software tool to quickly create a fact-based action plan to improve cyber security.

In today's world, cyber security is a major concern. Organisations want to improve this, but where do they get started? Credence Security and QS solutions will help companies gain actionable insight in their security estate through the Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT).

Within one work week, the CSAT delivers an action plan to improve security based on facts for the IT environment. CSAT provides this through automated scans and analyses of elements such as endpoints, Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. This is the basis on which the CSAT provides recommendations and an action plan to improve security.

It's the perfect way to maximise security and demonstrate that your organisation takes security seriously, says Paul Dols, CEO of QS solutions.

"When an organisation is growing, the IT environment is growing too. The IT environment is getting more complex every day. Organisations want to ensure they invest in the right security solutions. If we show the current status of the security, we can help improve security based on facts," adds Simon Campbell-Young, MD of Credence Security.

"Credence Security is the perfect fit for us to help organisations in the Middle East, Africa and India create an action plan on how to improve their security. With their knowledge of the security tools available, they understand the value of prioritising an organisation's security projects," Dols concludes.

Credence Security

Established in 1999, Credence Security, previously ARM, the region's specialty distribution company, specialises in IT security, forensics and incident response. Working closely with leading IT security vendors, Credence Security delivers cyber and IT security technologies and solutions that protect organisations against advanced persistent threats, malicious adversaries and internal malpractice. A subsidiary of the UC Group, Credence Security is headquartered in Dubai, UAE and serves enterprises across the Middle East, Africa and India through a network of over 70 resellers throughout the territory.

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