Citibank unveils Kindle Fire app

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Citibank unveils Kindle Fire app

EMBEDDED]Citi has launched the first banking app designed exclusively for Kindle Fire, Market Watch reports.

Advancing Citi's evolution as the world's premier digital bank, the Citibank (Kindle Fire Edition) app provides US consumers with a visually engaging, convenient way to track, analyse and plan their finances on the go.

The new app turns traditional rows of numbers into rich graphs and visual representations of consumer accounts and transactions. It was designed specifically to provide users a prime experience on the Kindle Fire's seven-inch, full-colour touch-screen. The insightful and intuitive user interface makes it easy for customers to check balances, manage cash flow, pay bills, transfer funds, access rewards and more.

“It's about our customers - we don't choose the touch-points so much as see what our customers are choosing and go from there,” Mobile Commerce Daily quotes Andred Wolberg-Stok, director of strategy for mobile and emerging technologies at Citibank North America, as saying.

“We launched a very successful banking app for iPad, one which transforms the digital banking experience and it was very well received,” he said. “We were looking for our next step.”

Even though Citi's new app is arguably mostly a consumer solution, it does help provide further encouragement for the Kindle Fire with customers of both demographics - especially at a friendlier price point, ZDNet writes.

The Citibank Kindle Fire Edition app is available to download for free from Amazon's Appstore for Android.

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