Astraia boosts cloud ERP offering with Acumatica

Cape Town, 20 Oct 2016
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Cape Town-based business solutions provider Astraia Technology has boosted its cloud-based solutions offering by partnering with Acumatica, a cloud ERP provider.

Astraia Technology has long been a leader in the provision of ERP and business management solutions, and its recent move into cloud-based solutions has been tremendously successful. Astraia's well-tuned business, accounting and business operations expertise, complemented by its exceptional technological skills, has been the reason for this success.

Having the capacity to deliver solutions that require a solid business understanding, matched and supported by an equal technology skill set, has set Astraia Technology apart in the ERP space, and bringing Acumatica on board as a pure cloud-based ERP provider has extended Astraia Technology's market reach considerably.

"Acumatica was designed for the cloud in the cloud," explains David Bryant, CEO of Astraia Technology, "and it is a streamlined, flexible and very comprehensive ERP solution that delivers more than it says on the box."

Acumatica delivers the solid ERP functionality that matters most in a South African or African context and has one of the most flexible licensing and deployment options on the market, which makes it very appealing. The product has a familiar look and feel, is highly customisable and has solutions for the service industry, wholesale distributions, manufacturing, retail and many other industries.

"Our customers, especially those in manufacturing, needed a solution that delivered options such as multi-customer, multi-company and multi-currency in the cloud, as well as an intelligent cashbook and the ability to adapt to the unique business conditions that define South Africa and Africa," Bryant continues. "Our customers also wanted something that was swift to deploy, easy to use and, above all, affordable. Acumatica ticked all the boxes."

Astraia Technology understands and appreciates the complexities of implementing an ERP system, accepting that many companies have legacy or third party systems that require integration, and appreciating that business today needs 24/7 access to information on the move, anywhere in the world. "Bringing together the experience, innovation and comprehensive skill set from Astraia and the forward-thinking and cutting-edge technologies of Acumatica is a powerful combination that addresses many gaps in the local market," Bryant concludes.

Astraia Technology has been developing and expanding its cloud and Web-based skill set over the last two years, and it now has a proven track record in delivering cloud solutions that work for a number of South African clients. Acumatica has a robust, proven and fast-growing cloud-based ERP solution with an expanding footprint, and the partnership with Astraia Technology will be a tremendous boost for the growth and development of the product in the region. The old school experience that has been delivered by Astraia since the beginning of the decade is fully complemented by the technology Acumatica brings to the table, and the options for any business considering an ERP system have just been made a little bit more exciting.

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