Wanos packet loss recovery solutions skyrocket WAN throughput

Wanos addresses the issue of TCP's vulnerability to packet loss head on and delighted users report a dramatic increase (up to 10X) in network performance.

Cape Town, 23 May 2016
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Although modern TCP stacks have become much more efficient at dealing with latency by adding TCP Window Scaling and selective acknowledgements, they are still acutely vulnerable to packet loss.

Packet loss is the Achilles heel of modern WANs and can have a dramatically negative effect on network performance.

Wanos Networks WAN optimisation software is delivering impressive results and has been demonstrated to increase network throughput by up to ten fold in the field.

Antonie Henning MD of Wanos Networks had this to say about the critical importance of tackling the issue of packet loss:

"Packet loss can have a dramatic effect on network performance and it's something we've set out to address with our Wanos software-based WAN Optimisation solutions.

WAN Optimisation reduces network costs and accelerates network speeds through compression, byte-caching and related techniques.

Our solutions can be installed on dedicated physical appliances or can be quickly integrated by running the WAN Optimiser, as a virtual machine, on most popular hypervisors.

Wanos Networks specialises in packet loss recovery and its solutions have delivered dramatic improvements for its happy clients.

Apart from the disastrous effect packet loss can have on network performance, there are other considerations that feed into the packet loss discussion.

More and more businesses are connecting their offices using low cost virtual private networks. VPN links typically have a packet loss in the region of 1% which is 10 times higher than MPLS links and that's a problem.

When it comes to SLA's, many provide a false sense of security. A 3% loss for an hour per day means that providers can still meet a very low average monthly loss rate. However, the effect on your business can be dramatic.

Add to the mix that packet loss in emerging countries can be as much as 2% or more and you can clearly see that addressing packet loss is critical in delivering acceptable throughput on business networks.

Optimum network throughput is our mission in life and that's precisely what we deliver for our customers."

Wanos Networks is flexible and has a pricing plan that can be tailored to any business's needs.

It even has a free option (Wanos Express) that smaller organisations can take advantage of to get their feet wet and test drive the product.

Wanos Networks can be contacted via its Web site and will happily supply a quote based on the basic information you're invited to supply in its contact form.

Wanos Networks are suppliers of Wanos WAN Optimisation software. Wanos software provides 80% of premium benefits at 20% of the cost. It specifically addresses the needs of organisations where a premium WAN optimisation solution is not financially viable. Wanos Networks has become a trusted partner of businesses in several countries since its foundation in 2013.

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